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Mighty Deals

Had issues but they resolved it amicably

Had issues with a late delivery (didn't arrive within the 10 working day timeframe)

It was in fact a retailer issue and I did eventually get a resolution but this was due to Mighty Deals pushing for it.

Conduct yur own due diligence when getting a deal and check the retailer's online reputation.

I may use MD again in the future.


Poor online ordering system and customer services

I've just wasted a whole day off work because they cancelled my order for a TV in the evening after I'd booked time off.

Their customer service team are no better and told me someone would resolve the next morning but never recieved a call. After I chased it they said someone would call wihtin 3 days!! I ordered next day delivery

I shall be sticking with Tesco and Sainsburys from now on.

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Elite Serum

Fast delivery and great product

I'm very pleased with the whole ordering process and delivery times where quicker than expected. Quite happy with the product so far and would use again as well as recommend to others. Thanks!


Overpriced, no regulation of the sale and they expect their payment right away

They charge $19 to list your site, then a 10% sale fee which they threaten you to pay EVEN when your buyer hasn't paid you.

There's not regalation and an unsafe website/domain sale environment. eBay and Sedo are the safer option!

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Prevucare Ltd

First class service

These guys are quite efficient and addressed my enquiries before I placed my order so I'm pleased. Delivery was quick and the product was quite easy to use :)


This is not a review site

A user review site is a site where the user talks about their experience with a product or service.

What Ciao has become is a site which focusses on filling the reviews with unneccesary content such as product specifications and very little of the user experience itself!

People are more focussed on earning money than providing useful reviews on this site!


Great price and service

I get my OEM ink toner from them for less then half the price of originals and they last the same amount of time.

V. quick delivery too!

Viking Direct

Wholesale store at retail prices!

You can pretty much get stationery at the same price or cheaper from online and offiline retail stores including poundland!

They got 3 stars because you can place orders quite late for next day delivery which is pretty much the only bonus!


Given up on them now

Back in the late 90's early 2000's Dell laptops where built to last and provided value. Now they are expensive and cheap quality and you'd be lucky if they lasted 3-4 years!


Is there much to say?

Pretty much the only way to get in touch with people you've lost contact with!

Not happy that they keep updating it with silly features like timeline that people don't actually want!


Not as good as they used to be.

From what I've heard about club and first class being great I can't comment but for economy class they just don't compare to other airlines like Virgin, Emirates or Singapore that are leaders across all 3 (or 4!) classes


I get a lot fo my business stationery from here.

These guys are cheaper for bugin things like folders, envelopes etc... than some wholesalers and definitely much more then WHSMITHS.

Smiths were selling an expanding pocket folder for £5 and I got a similar one for just £1!!


Not bad but unsure about value

Some stuff you can get really cheap but other stuff is more expensive than other retailers so please make sure you shop around.

Staff are fairly knowledgable though so they're a good company otherwise!


Great value and selection

There's something more convenient about shopping at Morrissons. ONly major drawback is they don't deliver


Love the online live delivery status

Goes without saying their pizzas are great and there are great offers too but my favourite new gimmick they have is the ability to track the status of your delivery online and in realtime!


Not had any problems

Had the same service that JustEat provided but their only drawback is the site is harder to use


Poor value for money

The only true benefit of going to Halfords is if there's one near you and your are desperate for a particular item same day, otherwise it's always best to shop around either to independents or online stores.

I've seen items sold by them at 50+% more than most others sell.= them!

I gave 3 stars purely because of the huge selection they have

Just Eat

Okay but not brilliant

The restaurants themselves are quite responsive, depenging on your area, but that's because for most of them it's their livelihood!

JustEat customer service don't seem to be that well trained and/or don't really care when issues occur.

The rewards program is rubbish and might as well not exist!

13 February 2012

Reply from Just-Eat.co.uk

Hi Louis,

I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the customer service you have received. Just Eat do try to ensure that all of our advisors are trained to the highest standards in both product knowledge and customer care. I am sorry to hear that this has not been reflected in the experience you have had and would be grateful if you could send me some details so I can look into this for you. My email address is trustpilot@just-eat.co.uk.

In regards to the Point Shop this is currently being updated so please keep checking for new and exciting rewards.

Kind Regards,


James Flood
Social Media Consultant


Quick delivery very pleased

Placed my order and it was dispatched same day and arrived the next without even having to pay for express delivery!

Royal Mail

Unreliable but they're cheap

I use them for business mail order purchases, and they lose between 5-10% of my orders which costs me money in refunds and replacements. Their complaints procedure for claiming back is tedious and time consuming.

I'm stuck with them though as there's not other companies that provide the pricing level that they do.


Be careful what you buy

Amongst most of the rubbish you sell there are a few gems but the main thing is the realisaton that pretty much everything you buy will barely last 6 months!


Poor store concept

I'm starting to get a bit fed up of going instore and inputting product codes only to find it's out of stock in any store within 50 miles!

Same goes for their website reserve/delivery too!


Nice quality for a decent price

Can't complain really, they have nice designs, some expensive but others well priced.

National Lottery

Great but easy to spend more than a paper ticket!

I actually won £70 the other day but taking into account how much I've spent over the years, it's not profit!

The problem is min. deposit is £5 which means that you are tempted to spend the whole lot on on one ticket than to spread it!

Otherwise it's a good way to play for convenience!


Great boutique hotel with nice cocktails

Not in the best of locations, Beales offers an affordable boutique hotel experience with great food and cocktails.

I've stayed here 4 times now including New Years!


Easy to use

One of the most straghtforward blogging software programs you can use.

A bit tricky to swithc to from other programs like wordpress but otherwise good


Not brilliant but decent logos

I was pleasantly surprised at the logos created by these guys. £25 and i got myself some really decent logos.

They do keep trying to upsell you their other packages likr webdesign etc...


Quite expensive but some freelance gems

I know they overcharge their freelancers but you get a lot better ones than other freelance sites.


Great for webdesign only

You can get some really cheap web designers on here for really cheap but as most freelancers are from non-western countries, there is a bit of a language barrier


You will look like a big business

This off the shelf package will make you look like a big business with all the fantastic features it has.

Drawbacks are minimal but can be overcome and it's better to use a deigner to do your site than do it yourself but can be done cheap on elance.


Fantastic for a startup

Has its limitations but for a new business startup with limited knowledge, this is the best for price, value and userbility!


Great VOIP option

I use this for business but even if I didn't, it's so much better than haveing a direct line. You get a number local to your area, and fantastic rates!

Only drawback is it depends on your internet connection!


Overpriced Don't USE!

These guys not only screw the customer on price but also the florist!

They are overpriced and they don't care about the traditional florist! I bought flowers for my mum once and paid £60 with interflora, I got the same thing the following year direct from a local florist (last minute as well!) for £35! You best bet is go on google. find an interflora florist in an area you need your delivery and go direct to them!


Great for buying, poor for selling

High commisions and poor seller rights makes this rubbishi for a seller BUT it's a great and very quick tool for the buyer.


Not user friendly

I'll keep this simple, apart from the fact that you can watch an old program you missed, biggest drawback is that, if you'reconnection goes, you have to watch adverts all over again!


Great as a registrar

Wouldn't partuclarly use them for hosting or anything else but they've been fantastic for buying and managing domains, their user interface is great!


Best film resource that will ever exist

Any info that I've ever needed regarding a particular film has been provided by this site and the way everything links perfectly to eachother adds to the user experience


Not very competant and overpriced

They're customer service is bordering on the bad side of poor. They don't communicate with eachother and transfer you from one person to another and on one occasion, got cut off the line!

Overpriced for the features you get and I wish I'd gone with VIrgin Media.


Easy to buy from and lots of choice

As my title states, the buying procedure is so simple, and because of their marketplace, the choice is quite wide.

Only problem is their review process, unlike eBays, means that anyone can review even if they haven't purchased so it's unreliable


We don't have much choice!

Fact of the matter is, Google is the number one search engine provider. Their search results are quite relevant however since they own market share more businesses focus on marketing through Google than through the other serch engines so occasionally there may be a bias in results.

Google INstant is rubbish but their other stuff like shopping etc... are quite good

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Straight to the point, I tell the truth about a company and give credit when credit is due.

I'm fed up of big (and some small) companies taking advantage of consumers and small business just because they don't have the financial backing to fight back legally!