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The Online Homebrew Company

Worst Online Shopping Experience I've ever had

DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD! TOHC is out of business, website is closed down and assets have been seized. Luckily in my latest bank statement i was overjoyed to see my £41 back in my account. Hurray!

Contrary to what the previous reviewer stated, this company can't even handle small orders. I ordered TWO beer kits from this site in early January. The items were clearly stated as IN STOCK when I ordered them, however for the next month I watched as the kits went in and out of stock, it always said 'in transit from main warehouse'. Why they couldn't have just sent me one kit while they waited for the other to come back in stock is beyond me.

Their online customer help service is a joke, I sent a message almost every day for two weeks and didn't even hear one reply. My message was deleted from my outbox after about 24 hours. This company does not provide a contact email address nor a phone number, which is a clear sign of a dodgy site, i feel like a fool for not noticing.
Eventually in February i cancelled my order and only then did i get a reply to a message, in which they said i'll have a refund in 8 days (they took my money immediately after i placed my order, yet they state on their site that refunds can take up to 28 days? cash flow problems, LOL!). However as of now (mid march) i have not seen a refund in my account.

I have ordered before with these people and i got my goods, but my second order never arrived. It seems they lure you in with great prices, lull you into a false sense of security, then on your second/third order they take your money and run off. Avoid at all cost. Lest this be a lesson to me, i will now be even more careful when choosing a good shopping site. If the online shopping company does not refund me, i will do all i can to get my money back, even if it costs me. I don't want these people getting away with STEALING my money!

PS I have been waiting to post this review for a month, but they wanted me to provide an order ID which i had, but it wasn't accepted. Finally now i can voice my disgust. If you want to post a review, keep trying!.

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Great, just so expensive

The pizzas are delicious, theyre so much better than shop bought ones. The sides and desserts are also amazing. Dominos is a nice convenient way to treat yourself every once in a while. I love the online ordering service which allows you to take your time ordering and gives you an instant update on which stage your pizza is at (baking, delivering etc). You can also pay online as well with your credit card or whatever, so no faffing about looking for money.

BUT the price is terrible! i only buy pizzas here when theyre on offer at £9.99 for a large pizza. And you usually have to collect the pizza yourself when they're on offer, but not always. The regular price for a large pizza is £13.99 if i'm not mistaken, and this feeds about 2 people. so expensive, but sooooo nice :( i cant stop wasting my money on dominos. At least you get free dip.
And one last thing, they dont slice the pizzas properly so you sort of have to gently tear the triangle pieces apart. And the pizzas are so greasy... i love this but if you dont like grease, dont go to dominos!

Groupon UK

Some good deals but usually over-hyped

Groupon do a lot of good deals, offering nice savings on items and days out etc. But a lot of their deals (on physical items especially) are just over-hyped. They say you're saving 80% but in fact if you shop around a bit the saving is more like 10% or even 0. For example, i bought a hoody for £49 instead of £300. So a big saving right? well it turns out the deal was by a rip-off company who sells at stupid prices. i wasnt actually saving any money since i could've got the hoody at the same price from the manufacturer online.

The occasional gem does pop up so i always visit every day. £10 for a round of golf for two was the best deal ive seen. we bought 6 of those vouchers and saved a good £80 during the summer golfing season!


An OK company

GAME.co.uk is just OK. Speedy free delivery on their many products. they offer reward points on purchases which are nice. The company also tends to have exclusive offers such as the special 'Epic' edition of gears of war 3.
Their negatives are:
1) their lack of customer service (in my case anyway). I messaged them twice about minor things and they didnt respond. This is rather worrying - what if i ever have a real problem?
2) their prices are normally quite uncompetitive. You just can't charge £40 for a game that has been out for over a year!
3) many items such as older games and action figures are out of stock all the time.


Best shopping site ever

Amazon have never let me down, they're amazing, offering the best prices with free delivery. Any problems are always solved quickly and easily.

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