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More about prink's resetters

Re previous review about cartridge resetters, this problem occurred only a few months after purchase.
Despite advertising and selling this device with the claim that it would reset the counter on my type of genuine Epson ink cartridges, Prink have effectively told me that they reserve the right to absolve themselves of any responsibility when the device destroys perfectly usable cartridges. To my naive way of thinking this is immoral.
I've no doubt that if I'd reported this issue during their claimed warranty period they'd still have denied any responsibility claiming that "...many factors outside our control..." absolved them.
If this site is for customers to review and rate retailers, how is it that retailers can rate themselves. Yes, they should and must be allowed to respond to criticism, but surely they shouldn't be permitted to affect the customer's overall scoring; the only way they should be able to influence their score is with exceptional service and genuine, positive reviews from customers.

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