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Banned for asking a question

Well after waiting weeks for an order that kept getting put back I thought maybe an idea to post a simple polite question on their friendly looking forum regarding my order (this was because I was not getting the answers via their website just automated replies that in no way answered the question I asked).
Only to check back the following day that I had been BANNED for violating forum rules, I only asked if anyone else was having problems with there deliveries.

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The Online Homebrew Company

My experience FACT

I placed another order on the 21st Jan 2012 FACT

Items on the home page showed as in stock and usually shipped with in 24 hrs FACT

Payment taken straight away FACT (unusual as most online companys take payment once items are sent fact)

Checked my online account only to find items that were showing as in stock were in fact in transit from main warehouse FACT

"Some items are out of stock
We are waiting for some of the items in your order to arrive at our warehouse. We will try to dispatch all available products immediately."

When I emailed about sending part order I got a reply that I would have to pay additional costs of £4.95 for shipping.

01/30/2012 Some items are out of stock FACT

02/10/2012 Some items are out of stock FACT

With expected dispatch dates moving from the 26th Jan to the 22nd Feb FACT

MY patience by now had run out FACT

02/15/2012 Your order has been cancelled FACT

5* As my money was refunded on the 17th Feb 2012

I had also posted a polite question on their forum, post was removed and I was banned from posting FACT

I have seen similar questions asked on their forum only for them to vanish FACT.

This has without doubt been my worst ever online shopping experience FACT

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Thank you Kasper for sorting things out

Firstly,How can reviews be classed as genuine when for some reason I cannot leave a review for http://www.the-online-homebrew-company.co.uk I need a validation code from the said company and yes i have tried order numbers etc,so if only a select few can ever leave feedback how doe's that make them genuine reviews.If you search around the net you will find terrible reviews everywhere regarding the homebrew company but yet they are rated 8.7/10 on Trustpilot.

Secondly if Truspilot want's to be taken seriously please provide me with a code to leave feedback for online homebrew company or remove the filter system you give company's.

Got to agree with other posts regarding your reply system takes to long,but hey not as long as the online homebrew company.....

Thank you Kasper for looking in to issues regarding this company and allowing me to write a honest review.I still think it is misleading to allow a company to filter reviews, but hey we got there in the end.

14 February 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi David

Thank you for your feedback.

Unfortunately, we cannot give you the required information - you need this from the company directly. However, if you can forward us a copy of your order confirmation, we can contact the compnay on your behalf and ask them what you need to be able to write a review.

Best regards,
Hasse - Trustpilot Support

The Online Shopping Company


Do not order from this site unless you want the most frustrating time of your life.All items on their website usually say in stock and dispatched within 24hrs.Utter lies ,once you have paid and check your account your items are out of stock and in transit from main warehouse.gradually as time goes buy things start to appear as available,great you would think but oh no a few days later they are back in transit from main warehouse.
Customer services are complete joke,contactable only by a generic email system that only gets answered with "we have passed your query on to the appropriate person"and never get an actual answer to your question.
And so much for Trustpilot being for independent reviews,I can't even leave one for there online brewing company as it asks for a verification code which I have tried several times using my order number but that seems to have been filtered so I cannot leave an honest review.
I have since read elsewhere of people waiting months for orders,waiting an age for a refund with some never getting there money back.I have so far waited nearly a month now for my orders but the dispatch dates keep on getting pushed further away.
I used my usual company once I realised my order was not going to show up in time and that was delivered 2 days after ordering,thats what shopping online is supposed to be about.

And why is the rating showing 2 stars when everyone has left 1 star,shame you cannot leave 0 star.

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