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One of the best shops out there

I absolutely adore Yesstyle. I buy clothes, shoes and makeup there quite a bit, and it is one of the best sites to get asian clothes. I love that all their clothes are super unique so it's not like youre going to run into someone with the same shirt as you.

One thing to note is that you HAVE to know your body measurements, and that a small in american clothes isn't necessarily a small in the brand you're ordering from (if they even have smalls, most of the clothing is what's called "free size" or one size fits all). Typically you have to be pretty small to buy from a lot of the brands, which sucks, but there are still a lot of cute clothes. Also, don't be embarrassed to go to the plus-sized section. As I've said, asian clothes fit small, so someone who is even a medium in American clothes could probably fit a lot of the plus sized clothes. (Ridiculous, I know) My favorite brands are Othermix, Orangbear and Youngbaby, all of which carry larger sizes.

Clothing does vary in quality, but I've found the majority of clothing is pretty high quality, especially for the price.

Also, if you need your order urgently, pay attention to the items you're ordering, make sure they are "Ready To Ship" or "Usually ships within 1-2 days" so the order is shipped out as soon as possible. Other items they actually don't have stocked in their warehouse so they need to talk to the supplier and order it, which can take 7-14 days.

As for makeup, they have a large selection of BB Creams and skin packs, which are the main reason I order from them for makeup.

Shoes tend to fit small so order a size up if you can, I've ordered 3 or 4 pairs of shoes from them now, and love them all. (One from Nongli, two from Lane 142, and one from Smoothie) Lane142 is my favorite brand because all the shoes are SUPER cheap (leather shoes for 20 bucks? oh yeah!) and are generally pretty comfy. Only issue is that they don't usually carry above a size 7 or 8.

They also have "In house" brands, like 59 seconds and 59th street which carry cute clothes and accessories, and are typically all in stock and ready to ship.

They have so many varieties of clothing it is insane, you could probably spend DAYS browsing around.

Over all, very cute and cheap clothes, but make sure you know all the ups and downs of the site before you order to avoid any disappointment.


Not that bad...

I've ordered 2 things from F21 canada using purolator... personally i'd prefer to use canada post despite no tracking, but F21 uses purolator. the first time it arrived while i was at home, not very quickly (10 days, but it was 5-10 day shipping) i signed and got my package of goodies. second time, not as simple, everyone was away at work at the time (save for the dog) and they left a slip with the adress of a place to pick it up in town but still fairly out of the way (in the industrial park next to a carpet seller.) after getting driven out there, there were 3 or 4 people in that day, the place was very shabby, with outdated posters on the walls, and one guy with a beard and a ponytail (though dont be too alarmed, theyre relatively common here.) waiting on the line single-handedly. it was a long wait because the lady ahead of us was shipping a package to india with purolator.. but we gave the slip and we got our package. oh, and that package came VERY fast. like, 2 days with the 5-10 days shipping option. no clue why.

honestly, its not as terrible as reviews make it out to be.

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