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Superb Service

Called looking to purchase a clearance ex-display TV, and was told of better offers I hadn't even looked at. Ordered the TV Friday at 3.00pm and was told delivery would take place between 2.00-4.00pm pm the next day (Saturday) at no charge.

Turned up at 2.40pm exactly as promised. Can't fault these guys at all - the customer service was brilliant with them calling me when they had said they would, giving me the information they said they would, and delivering when they said they would.

Excellent guys, keep it up.

Was Great, Now Poor, Could Be Great Again

I have used EKM Powershop since 2006. They were great to deal with and the platform simple to use. The problem is that they have become too big for themselves.

There are thousands of features that they have missing that other sites now have as standard: direct debit billing, wishlists, customer tracking information, a working discount system, bulk discounts, stock control, gift vouchers, loyalty systems, live chat systems, etc, of which EKM do not have, or it doesn't work.

But instead of fixing these, which many people request on the forums, they would rather peddle out new features that never work properly for the first couple of months. IT seems to be quantity over quality for them.

Many people on the forums have / are leaving which is a shame as they are mostly the ones who provide help for the less technical. As a result, if you need something small done that you can not do, such as add some Google analytics code, they charge £50 plus vat.

They really need to get back to their original focus and put the basics right. £20 per month might seem cheap, but once you have build a customer base, it turns out very expensive not to change somewhere else.

On a side note: customer services. They have become terrible. Whenever there is a problem, I had one involving the cart system not adding up properly, it is always the fault of the customer. Even though they do not provide access to the code to damage this area. There are two decent CS staff working there, but its near impossible to get hold of them as everyone wants to speak to them.

Its such a shame to see a once great platform fall and collapse into the heap its currently in. But given a bit of hard work, they could putt it back. But its doubtful as they don't seem to listen to their customers anymore.

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