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I do sometimes wonder how they stay in business...

I've not had to shop through HMV that much and to be honest, I'm quite happy of that fact. I only used them once online and that was more than enough for me. Bought myself an xbox 360 with 2 games as a bundle pack, thought I would treat myself. Well I placed the order, a timeslot of 3-5 days for delivery "great!" I thought...and that was the first mistake.

The 5th day came, nothing through the post or any attempted deliveries, I thought I would just give them benefit of christmas deliveries as it was around that time...finally on the 9th day after delivery I got something but was way too small for the xbox 360...I got one of the games from the bundle...ok, so where is the REST of it? Surely as a BUNDLE offer it should all come TOGETHER. I didn't make an issue as the next day the actual xbox 360 came along, but where was the OTHER game?...It didnt arrive until another 2 weeks had gone by, so in the end for everything to get to me, it took 23 days. FAAAAR from the best service I should be expecting. Again this was a while back but I still won't buy anything online from them. Another bad experience was that of my sister ordering a shirt from them quite a few months back. Somehow, and I have no idea how, the order itself just disappeared from the system, called HMV and they claimed they never got it, yet the money easily went from her account...Naturally one VERY p*ssed off Sister. If you can avoid it, DON'T order online with them, all you will get at the least is long delays for your item to come.

Another thing I've noticed, and I hope this isn't just me, is that the prices online are often different from the prices instore. A quick example. Xbox 360 transfer kit. Online - £11.99. In-store - £14.99...which leads me onto the prices themselves. In comparison to other major outlets, such as, Amazon etc they are often overpriced for the majority of things they sell and have been criticised several times for not even having the correct price on their in-store items (My dad got a cheaper CD when the cashier informed him the price was wrong but still gave him the lower price but besides the point, surely this isn't how a business should actually operate).

On the plus side, they are often pretty good for stock control both online and in-store and the staff are generally helpful so I guess you could consider HMV a fall back option if any of the better places to go are unable to fulfil your query. I could rate less but it has been a little while since I used HMV and I don't want to be completely biased based on family experiences but I still hear the same issues being raised, especially with the slow delivery. HMV just NEEDS to focus there, as well as on their pricing strategies.


Great service (particularly home delivery)

When I lived at home with the family (before Mum actually checked to see if Asda delivered to our area) we would get deliveries from Tesco, suually my responsiblity to take everything in when everyone else had buggered off. The delivery person, in my experience, has ALWAYS been very friendly and cheerful so no problem there, a few substitutions of products here and there but they stick to what they say that, if the replacement costs more than the original, no extra charge will be placed so that is always great. Not a single delivery has arrived later than stated as well so what more could you want from them?

Later down the line and now living in a student house for University I gave them a full use for myself a few weeks ago, ordering groceries online, requesting the delivery slot and the like. All absolutely easy and no issues whatsoever. With special offers, if you request a delivery outside of that special offer timeslot it does inform you that the deal will not be available so they don't try to hide costs from you. When the delivery arrived the gentleman ran through the list of what had been received and how it works (because it was my first time to order myself), not a single substitution made AND for the tip of the iceberg, he even offered to carry everything into the kitchen for me! I declined but regardless it shows that the staff themselves are able to go beyond their duty if they so wish.

All in all, a great service, cheap, easy to use and polite and friendly staff, Fantastic! - I've no real quarrels, just a few niggles.

I've been using since I was 12 believe it or not. Now I'm 21 and I still refer to it as one of the first 3 websites I check when looking for something in particular. They are consistently cheap and competitive with other businesses, are reliable when dealing with PlayTrade complaints and are generally very good with delivery times.
However, If I'm perfectly honest, things have gotten a tad worse from since when I used them in the first few years. For example, delivery itself is sometimes unpredictable in when it will arrive or even dispatched from the warehouse itself. You can feel comfortable in the fact that it WILL get to you, its just a matter of do you feel comfortable with how quick it will get to you. This might be down to the fact that years ago it wasn't as large a company as it is today and as such must just have much more sales to deal with. Another niggle which I'm experiencing right now, as I know a few others are on this site and that is the sudden "Out of Stock" with no immediate alert to this. This has only happened twice, the first time it was out of stock for no more than a week so restocking was quite fast when you think about it. However this time it has been out of stock for over 2 weeks and it a bit aggitating. Their stock control is the main area I feel they need to focus on.
Other than those two slight issues, itself is a stable business and I myself have had no quarrels with them with regards to not receiving anything I've ordered. I've not had to contact customer service with them either about anything which itself is good but I can't comment on how their deal with any issues.

I'd easily recommend for deals and service to others.


When will businesses learn that Yodel will only harm their sales?

Since the 18th of December, I have only had to deal with Yodel being in charge of my delivery twice.
The first time was for a TV to be delivered, £15 paid for next day delivery and after 5 days still no sign, as well as the now expected from them, lies about attempted delivery but no one being in with no card issued. I looked onto this site further down and someone had left e-mails addresses to contact for apparently faster and more direct resolutions so I gave this a try and emailed each and everyone provided (Not sure who it was who gave out the e-mail addresses but many thanks). I got a call the next day from a woman named April, I'm assuming someone who is high up in the company, who promised that they would deliver that very day. Now, after reading through most of the reviews on this site, not only was I shocked that there was an actual call back from Yodel but I was even more shocked when they actually KEPT their promise. The experience was enough to tell me that, if you can get directly to their upper management, do that immediately and cut out the brainless underlings and lower management.
The second time, yesterday, I was expecting a delivery of a few books for my University course. When I was informed that Yodel was in charge of the delivery I honestly just wanted to smash my skull on the nearest wall and not bother. However, I came home, no housemates around and actually found an attempted delivery card through the letter box. (Bloody hell, with how the people on this site talk about them I thought they weren't being produced anymore and maybe a few rare item collectors had the last few in existence). Read the card and my books were left in a safe place...Under the wheel of my landlords van...Imagine my shock at their definition of safe, particularly since my Landlord then walked by said hello and started to get into his van! I had to dive and grab the package, much to my Landlords sudden annoyance. After showing him the card he immediately shared in my disapproval of Yodels...methods...

I would have given a 1* review after the first experience, however this time they actually did make the efforts of delivery without having to be spoonfed instructions by the bucketful. I would honestly say if they worked on their actual safe placing of parcels (again which is a problem I have seen mentioned several times on this site) then they may actually be improving their service, but seeing as the negatives of Yodel are continually being repeated over and over, more and more by it's customers I honestly won't hold my breath at the prospect.

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I'm the one in the family that uses Online ordering like it was going out of fashion the next day so I have my share of storys to tell with many online businesses for buying casual things. Now I'm a University student and I can offer insight to the maybe more obscure and lesser known of businesses.