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Senior Citizen given the run-around by Curry's again and left with a white elephant!

In December I bought a computer costing about £1000 from the Darlington store. I fell for set-up pitch and so had to return to store a few days later to collect the item. A 45 miles round trip.

Because of Christmas and other factors I finally unpacked the computer on Saturday 12 January. By the end of the day I was tearing my hair out as I had gone from Windows Xp to Windows 8 in one step. I tried again on Sunday and decided that this item was too complicated for me. Being touch screen that added further complications. The screen was full of apps that are of no use to me whatsoever. However finding the basis e-mail, Word and Excel proved more difficult as there was no manual with this computer.

I decided to return it to Currys and phoned the number on the till receipt on Monday at 11 am. This was not the store number as you might have expected but a call centre. I suppose the expensive 0844 number should have given it away. Being determined I held on for over 10 minutes before the call was answered. The Operator told me that she could not give a store number but would send them an e-mail and the store would phone me back.

Having had no response I telephoned again at 7.25pm. The answerphone told me that they were experiencing a high volume of calls - as always - and advised me that the operators knew I was wailting. After 11 minutes I quit. Do they really expect us to believe that anything more is happening other that they are putting their coats on for a speedy exit.

I decided to send an e-ma to Customer Services on Monday. Today, Thursday I again have not had any response.

My reason for contacting the store was to make arrangements to return the item smoothly rather than lugging the item around the store to find someone. I finally decided that the only answer was to drive the 45 mile trip once again to the store.

There I was told that I could not have a refund as they only allow a 7 day period from the day of purchase for this purpose and the box had to be un-opened. The store had the item for 3 days for the set-up and they opened the box. I asked for a refund on the software that I had not used but was told this was not possible as Currys had activated things for me.

Another scam to watch is the KnowHow maintenance contract. I had to pay the first instalment before I left the store and then they took another payment at the beginning of January. Why am I insensed ? Having bought a new item with a 1 year manufacturer's warrant why do I need maintenance cover for the first year??

I have bought items from Currys for over 35 years but will never buy anything from them again, nor go into their stores

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Tyre Shopper

Spot on again

I ordered on line on late Sunday evening. Received e-documentation by return. Fitting date given was Wednesday. I phoned National Tyres, the agreed fitters, on Tuesday afternoon to see if the tyre had been delivered. Later that afternoon they phoned back to say that the tyre had been delivered and if I wished it could be fitted that afternoon.

I went Wednesday morning and was on my way in about 20minutes

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