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Still taking money, despite 2 written confirmations of CANCELLATION, one verbal

I tried the tasting club, and decided it was way too pricey for something I could get elsewhere much cheaper... I received my email confirmation of cancellation, and also had called prior to this, and received a second assuring me nothing further would be sent or deducted for.

Today, set to take my Grandchildren to see Santa, I checked my card as I'd budgeted to the last penny, and found to my horror ...HOTEL CHOCOLAT had helped themselves to another £18.95.

After calling again, and shouting at the customer service rep...I was so very, very angry...they promised a refund, but that doesn't help me today, or my grandchildren!

5-7 days for it to be returned, longer due to holidays.

No one said a word at HOTEL CHOCOLAT about any additional deliveries or charges.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Angus Thirlwell, CEO of Hotel Chocolat, you and your company ruined mine.


Actively circumvents consumer & disabled rights, AVOID!!!!AVOID!!!!

WAE+ ...uuuk!
....the mere mention makes me cringe! If I could give NO STARS IT WOULD STILL BE TOO MANY!

I have SURVIVED 27 days so far, it all started when I wanted like most a new TV.

Most competitive rate was WAE+, Amazon would not budge on price match.

The opportunity arose, and my pennies all saved. Unaware of these and many other reviews.

2nd November 2012 I placed the order, and a few hours later after the money was withdrawn from my account I got a confirmation email.

I had chosen to pay for faster delivery and anticipated its arrival very soon, but when it came to the following week nothing!

I sent a few emails - two and received a pro forma response that the courier would be I touch about delivery..that afternoon after finding tracking for my order UPS arrived and a single delivery driver dragged my Brand new 46" TV off the back of the lorry.

It had arrived with no help from WAE+

I scheduled a handyman to come and install the TV on a wall in the living room. When he arrived he told me the tv couldn't be tested or installed as there were no adapters and I didn't have any. He only charged me the call out charge £40, as he had travelled quite far, but the TV wasn't installed just in case it needed to be returned.

I reviewed the description, which has now been conveniently removed now. But I have screenshot.

As I thought, EU model that comes with adapters for use in UK.

No problem I thought .. Just contact WAE+ and they'll send one...must of been an oversight. But after many fast response requests on their own site, many emails and still nothing. I had my first WAE+ meltdown.

I suffer with Autism Spectrum Disorder and mobility issues on top of depression, anxiety and by the 20th Nov 2012, I was exhausted, adrenaline deficient and suffered communication shutdown or non-verbal longer able to speak! Mutism!

I employ a carer for support, I pay her £8.50 plus travel. Not on her regular schedule, I emailed and asked her to come over to call WAE+, and explain...after 20mins on hold as well as being 1st in line for next customer service agent. She explain my disability and the fact I could not speak, and asked why no responses had been received in over 2 weeks, 'oh, there must be a backlog' was all that was said. She requested an email to management, which surprise was supplied.

I wrote to the email address provided and Justina Richards a managers name my PA was given.

A day later, an email response stated that my order from fast response for an adapter had been received and was being sent either that day or next? By Royal Mail to date still nothing.

So still unable to speak or call them, I again emailed this week. Again no went scouting for answers, reviews anything to see if there was/is a pattern in the companies behaviour. Sadly, BIG YES.

Google search brought up terms like
WAE+ - Scam,
WAE+ - legit
or WAE+ - Trading Standards.
And so many poor reviews.

Seriously, worried I was being lumbered with a lemon TV, I contacted trading standards, who sent me to CAB and I was told to file a complaint with them and advised of my rights as a Registered Disabled Adult & Consumer Rights.

I wrote a very stern email complaint, using consumer law to motivate them in responding or resolving the situation, which included trading standards and the template given to me by CAB, explaining again my disability and what their avoidance was causing.

So what did they do? email me, apologies, NO?..... Contact me...NO!

They setup a collection via UPS on 29th Nov 2012, which I only found out via a cc'd email from UPS. Then a hermes email about package being sent by Ben Slater...I didn't know any Ben Slater?

Then yesterday when it was decided it would be best if I were admitted to hospital to get some rest, treatment and possibly a throat exam, tests to see if I would be permanently mute.

So I emailed UPS, and WAE+ to advise them of this. UPS told my support they could not cancel an account holders request. So, we emailed CEO and explained as of 18:19hrs last evening UPS was cancelled and sincerely apologised, and agreed WAE+ was being unreasonable.

This morning WAE+ emailed and said an adapter was being sent as of today...really left hand has no idea what right hand is doing!

Now armed with both CEO & Co Founders emails...I sent my reply, expressing my disappointment with WAE+ and the entire experience. Also, about how I felt they had treated me differently, no respected, or concern I had difficulty in contacting them or expressing myself.

A mention of their mission statement and broken customer promise of responding to email within 24hrs.

In my email I placed a link from EQUALITY Commission on how they could adapt their services to comply with regulation. Restated my consumer rights that I would not be able to test or instal tv until I returned from hospital 21st Dec 2012.

I requested the following:

Please could you tell me what steps you have taken to meet your legal duty and reasonable adjustments for disabled people in relation to services to the public.

Could you also tell me what steps you will agree to take to put right the problems I experienced.

Then this arrived.....

From: "Vipul Bali"
Date: 29 November 2012 11:35:00 GMT
To: "Claire Will"
Subject: Re: Formal Complaint: Re: return - please advise by email that this collection has been cancelled

Latest mail from her is completely unfounded and is being taken up by management has has no reliance and is being completely unreasonable


So in their last email they prove they have no respect for customers who experience something beyond their control, they have and do demeaned, ridiculed customers like me on internal emails to colleagues.

So very, very angry. Very very disappointed!

If they had collected my TV today, what chance would I have had of a refund? According to reviews, not a chance.
Then they would have compounded the frustrating experience by sending an adapter, which is due for delivery today?

In all of this, there has NEVER been an apology, no email explaining how they expect to put things right, not even a suggestion of where to find a suitable adapter. All which would have been satisfactory in this situation ..... providing the TV is not faulty!

I'll keep all posted.

If planning to place an order, DON'T IT'S NOT WORTH IT!"

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Avoid & You avoid the experience of 100's

The one star is there for illustration purposes only, as is the stock on de cuisine.

I wanted to give much less on the start rating.

Instead of calling number on site try this one gained from Experian credit report.

01207 621169

I spoke with Mike Wheale straight away on the number above, after not getting any responses on the site listed one.

Ordered on Friday - 8 AM, no contact (other than google checkout and decuisine order confirmation), responses or order a dispatch notice yesterday, after prompted them with eform, stock not available... so they sent what they felt like or claimed to, haven't received anything??

They could have contacted me directly via, text, email or telephone and I would have had the opportunity to cancel , and order elsewhere and in time. Instead their choices got me looking past the very cute and sweet customer comments on their site...I found trustpilot & Qype all saying pretty much the same thing over years and business credit reports.

Mike Wheale agreed to a partial refund 70% (he wasn't going to) of my order. But would return balance when he received goods back. You know the ones I haven't received or seen.

Mike Wheale claims he spoke with trust pilot (after being sick of bad reviews) and over the last 24hrs he claims their score has improved? from 2 to 3

It doesn't resolve the experiences for the 100's, before them.

My credit card company is aware, and will chargeback if required.

I have filed my complaint with Consumer Direct no.SE4668574, following up with Trading Standards in Poole and a letter of concern for consumers.

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