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Please don't bother!

I purchased a KGB voucher for teeth whitening at "White Spa" for £59.

I was dubious from previous KGB reviews but decided to give it a go as it's not a lot of money in comparison to what I have paid for teeth whitening (295£) before.

I tried to book my appointment for two days, and all I got from the phone numbers provided was either a dead line or constant ringing.

When I eventually got an appointment I was happy. As the date approached, I rang to confirm date and location of appointment as website and voucher had contradicting info as to where this "Spa" is.

No answer. For another three days! I emailed them and eventually they rang me (I think this was a bit of a fluke because they had actually called to change my date of appointment). The location varied from Mayfair to Camden to Trafalgar Square!

This is because White Spa is not a Spa of any sort....nor is it a clinic.... it is a rented out room in large buildings used by many various businesses.

When I got there, my appointment was at 10.30. I was still waiting at 11.45 and as the receptionist in the area we were told to wait in had nothing to do with White Spa she was none the wiser. I soon realised that the lady beside me had been waiting on her son who had a 9am appointment and wasn't seen until 10.50am. She was refused a refund and the lady who was providing the treatment was very unapologetic.

The treatment itself was ok - despite having another patient right beside me and in between times the "dental nurse" was shifting/organising other appointments via telephone. An hour or so later I was done and I was happy with the result - the lady told me I had improved to the whitest shade she had. I was instructed not to consume anything food/drink which was in any way coloured for 48 hours which I stuck to rigidly. I experienced ALOT of sensitivity for the next 36 hours..... and by the end of the 48hrs i couldn't see any difference anymore! The white effect lasted for one day maximum!

All in all what a bloody waste of time. I wanted to write this review as I tried to find reviews of this treatment prior to purchasing the voucher and couldn't find anything. If i had read this I wouldn't have bothered.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is! Will be saving for a proper dental professional treatment the next time!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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