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5 stars out of a possible 5

I've never had a problem with Amazon. I have been using Amazon for a long time now (~10 years I think). Over that time, I have only ever had two queries regarding goods, and they were handled immediately. Once was when a packet which was supposed to contain two CDs arrived containing only one. The other was with a pair of shoes which were the wrong size, that is different to the size ordered. In both cases, the situation was sorted out straightaway without any difficulty. Excellent job, Amazon!


Very poor customer service

We were accused by the manager of our local store of being shoplifters despite a total lack of evidence. When we complained to the store.experience team they told us that the store manager could expel us if she liked. We disagreed with the manager's assertion and subsequent messages to the store.experience have vanished into the ether. Queries to the online waterstone's message board have, through the online intermediary, revealed that they have no intention of continuing the conversation. Shocking!

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