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'Fast' or just 'pretty quick'?

I ordered with Fastlec because I needed an order 'real quick' and somone had posted a comment saying that Fastlec were fast even when ordered late in the day. I ordered around 2:30, and got an email saying that the order would be 3-4 days. What a disappointment! Then - the next day - a new email saying my order would arrive the following morning. I don't know what happened there... Anyway, it arrived complete and well packaged.


Excellent Price! Great Service!

The best price on the 'net (by far) and great service to match - and, as others have said, it is so rare these days to find staff who know what they are talking about, even in wholesalers. Will definitely be turning to this company again.


Fast? Virgin Broadband? Nope...

When I first got Virgin broadband, in Nottingham a few years ago, it was reliable and fast. Now it isn't... This last few weeks it has been getting slower - cynical me thinks that this is because they are running an advert promising me that they are going to "up my speed". I'm moving home soon; I won't be taking Virgin with me.


Where has the quality gone?

OK - so I'm a geek... I remember shopping at Maplin before it started to become High Street friendly... back in the days when it focused on selling sold good, solid, reliable quality electronics components and associated items. Then someone had the idea to make the company more Regular Joe/Jane friendly... Anyway, I have bought two items from Maplin in the last three months - they get three stars for having the items. The quality of one item (a microphone) was so poor that I actually put it straight in the bin; the second item (a satellite dish) had bits missing. C'mon Maplin, your quality monitoring used to be better than this!

Tyre Shopper

There is no better place to buy tyres than Tyre Shopper.

Tyre Shopper is simply the best way to buy tyres. They have a good range available at excellent prices. I have used the service three times now and and the tyres have always arrived as expected. The downside is that they use National Tyres as the fitting centre... a company that (in my 40 years experience of buying tyres), no matter what town I've lived in, seems to see customers as an inconvenience.

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