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Absolutely second to none

Every time I use these guys they amaze me. Order late, play tomorrow, no joke! I have ordered various items and never been let down so far.



Had a problem with YODEL (the worst delivery company ever, that sadly Amazon use) and they were first rate. Very helpful, called ME and repeatedly tried to be helpful.

Thanks Amazon!


Wish there was a 0 star option

Returned an item to Amazon and you guessed it they use this shower of unflushed turds for delivery (sorry but you have made me so angry to the point I am posting this review). The item was sent on the 23rd and was tracked in Birmingham at 9:14 that evening as leaving for the next leg of its journey - from there whoosh - untrackable. Here we are on the 27th after MANY phone calls with promised to call back and no idea where it is gone. Every single time, "we will put an alert on it and call you back" - bullsmack methinks!

I asked Amazon to chase it and Amazon where absolutely as helpful as they could be (first rate no complaints here, calling me back as promised even when my phone signal kept dropping on the train - very patient and understanding). Looks like I now have to wait until it is confirmed that the item fell off the wagon (or into a pocket - yes I am accusing you based on the countless other reviews of your amazing service I am reading and since this is a "trackable" item what other logic do I follow) before Amazon will refund me (again, not Amazon's fault).

I do think Amazon should look at not using this bunch of non-communicative, incompetent bafoons though!

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A simple customer - don't usually complain but it's nice to see a site where I can let off steam. First review award goes to YODEL, the worst delivery company bar none!