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The worst online shopping and worst lying s*** customer service ever

I needed a vacum cleaner for my parents house in Luton, I was in Leicester so I went on line and thought I will order one for them as Very kept sending me letters and text messages that if I order now I will get £30 off if I spend more then £60 so. I went and was ordering a Hetty vacum cleaner for £99 and I gave delivery address of my parents and that was my delivery address as once last year I used that address to deliver a product. But before the order was completed the Very website page goes...Oopps there is a error please try again later. I tried to log in but it said again sorry we are experiencing some technical error please try later. I tried few minutes later and guess what on my account it shows order complete and to make it worse with no discount and being delivered to my Leicester address which is the billing address and not the address in Luton where it is suppose to be delivered. So I got on the phone from my mobile and for more than 45minutes they passed me from one person to another and finally told me they have re-ordered the product and it will be delivered to the Luton address but the first order is also delivered and will go to Leicester so I will get charged twice. But not to worry they said just refuse that product and it will be credited once thy get it back. They then said to me they will add the voucher code for £30 off once the new order is dispaced which will be today (28-12-12) and as its only 7.40pm I will get it by tomorrow. They gave me an delivery slot of 7am till 12pm. Then this thing about Very treats (Something they offer everytime you order) As the total was over £100 including delivery the lady at one point goes yes I can choose any treat I want. Then she changes her mind and says no. I was not bothered to argue as I knew my mobile bill is already getting high. So I took whatever she said I could. Only two minutes later she says oh I am sorry you could have had the Treat you wanted but as I have allready selected the other Oil gift I cannot unselect it. I wanted to shout at her but again I didnt. Then she said yes sorry but hope you don't mind but you will get your Vacum cleaner delivered to your parents. So Here I am it is now the next day 29-12-12 my sister who I made take day off work to be here and receive the item and its not here. I have been on the phone to them twice and guess what the first women said yes sorry its not deleivered yet but it will be soon that was at 2pm. SO I called again at 4.30pm and guess what I have been told that actually their driver has forgotten to put the product on the van this morning so I won't get it at all today and most likely to get it next year. Imagine How F***** Angry I am with these ass holes. I wasted so much money on the phone with them and my sister took day off work.

I f***** hate them. They have been s***!. They are a bunch of uneducated fools most likely have not got any formal qualifications or stepped inside a university in their lives. Oh I forgot its not as if you need anything special to work in a call centere. But the thing is most call centre people are really good. But these idiots can't even read off the information right in fornt of them on a bloody screen.
Don't fall for their false claim on next day delivery its a bunch of lies.

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