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Mixed Pleasure...

I've ordered a couple of things from them in the past, their order & delivery system being no better or worse than competitors and the merchandise is as you would expect.

However, a couple of weeks ago I returned a jacket which had a defect. It took close to five weeks to get a replacement, the annoying thing being that the delay must have been due to the customer service department's lethargy. During the last of a number of phone calls I had to make I made it very clear that I wanted it back pronto and - oh wonder - 20 minutes later they called back telling me they had sorted it out. Rather telling.

On top of that, there wasn't much of an apology during the whole episode despite my emphasising that I bought the item (a waterproof jacket) precisely for the time of year and did not have an adequate alternative. I sent a complaint email to them later and received a response which expressed some regret about the time scale but suggested that this was quite normal. They didn't address my suspicions about their failure to follow up with the manufacturer despite my repeated calls. Again, telling.

So all in all a mixed pleasure. Little danger of getting ripped off here, but better hope that nothing breaks.

I have had far better experiences with www.webtogs.co.uk and www.rockrun.com who both have amazing customer service. I would definitely recommend them over Snow+Rock.

Rock + Run


These guys offer service on a whole new level. I had ordered a pair of pants which, according to the description, came with a belt. The delivery was bang on time, but the belt was nowhere to be found. So I sent an email to Rock and Run and asked whether they could send it over.

Now it turns out that it was not their mistake but the manufacturer's, who had given the wrong description. I imagine that with any other store that would have been the end of the matter. But not here. Not only are they sending me a belt - they are actually *making* one in their own repair facility so that it matches the pants. Now if that's not an amazing customer service, I don't know what is.

Recommended without reservations!


Great Service

A very good experience. Next day delivery free of charge, and a the claims of 'no hassle returns' are genuine. Moreover, the whole process is very transparent with tracking options and a responsive customer service.

This review is based on a single purchase and return.

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