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Just so slow

Forced to use by e-bay (as ebay has shares in paypal) then got my money for my sales, but can't get to it as they are holding it, just because I am new... hmmm ok? The customer I sold to said everything is fine, no issues, but paypal hold the money to gain the interest.

Also.. forced to use by ebay, so have to pay ebay all these fees then pay paypal to get the money?

No thanks!


Easy interface

This website is easy to use, links to videos, results, players and information leading up to games in the future and special offers.


Poor customer service and product

I ate with my family some pizza from Papa Johns and thought it was nice enough I would try again with my partner a few days later.

I ordered on the internet pretty late at night and then went to collect it.

What I was given was a shockingly bad pizza with some sides that looked like they had been rammed into the box.

Very bad, but thought as it was late at night the standard might have been rushed. Sent of an email to the store but it was ignored.

On this advice, ignore the "Better ingredients" tagline they hit you with as the product I got was poor.

Stick to Pizza hut or Dominoes


Why is Yahoo better than google? Well, in short, it's not.

Google is by far my favourite search engine, but in terms of homepage, it has nothing on Yahoo!

Yahoo provides you with the top stories of the day as well as other topical things that might take your fancy if you are simply bored and have nothing else to do.

Google offers a search engine but if you sat looking at the google homepage for a few mins you can safely assume you are day dreaming or slightly deranged. The same cannot be said about yahoo!'s homepage.



Travian is a online server game that requires no down load but is played in real time (Played in quicker time on different servers)

Servers I play run from about 8-9 months and require you to build your village and support it by building resources tiles to support your villagers and then when the time comes, build troops to defend your village or to attack others!

I suggest giving it a go, as the first time you play and set up your account you are given help and rewards for completing quests!


Amazing up to date

First for big stories, video highlights and easy user interface make BBC websites a first for me in the morning before work.

I can check the news, sport and weather with click of a button.

Sections a well laid out and clear to jump from subject ot subject should you so wish.

Just Eat


Well I am a long term Just eat user.

I think on the whole this is a place I can be happy ordering from.. when things go right, but when they do not... you are up some sorta creek with no paddle.

I have been waiting for a refund for over a month.. Have called... told someone would contact me.. not happened. Tried to use the online chat thing.. Omg... I had a revolving argument with the man (Sandeep) about how it was my fault for not having the information he wanted.. even though he could not find the same information. Grr. So still waiting for refund but kinda gave up now.

Other issue is.. the point shop! Had so much cool and terrible stuff, but it did not matter as it was free if you had enough points.! Wooo... but.. now I have enough points, what can I buy?? Hmmm Xbox? Wii??? Speedboat? ! ? .... No. I can use my points to "be in with a chance to win" Cinema tickets. Wow. All my Christmas' coming at once.

Update your points shop, stop fobbing people off with daft stories about doing this and that, and delivering nothing. Hungry House is just behind just eat in terms of my spending spree... and put it another way...

"You get 200 points for every £1 you spend"

I have over 1/2 million points, so kinda class myself as a customer who has the right to moan his arse off if he so chooses.


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03 February 2012

Reply from

Hello Chris,

I'm sorry to hear that you are still you are still waiting for a refund, I would be grateful if you could email me the details so i can look into this for you. My email address is

I do apologise for any inconvenience this has caused.

Our points shop was designed to be a bit of fun & its something we are asked about quite a bit. Our CEO was asked about it in a customer Q&A interview late last year, to read what he said please click the link.

Kind regards,

David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant

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