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Bertha is fine.

I ordered a Big Berta through Groupon. Hey it's ok. I'd recommend it if your looking for a bean bag. Only time will tell how it stands the test of time but first impressions are that it is a quality product.

When they first appeared on groupon my youngest son didn't want one. Now need to go through the groupon pain again to get him one.

The company were one of the better groupon companies to deal with. They sent occasional update emails to let me know they had Mott forgotten about us as Bertha did take 6 weeks to arrive.

The fact I'm going through the groupon pain again for another speaks for itself. If you are looking for a bean bag, this is probably what you've been looking for from a company that knows how to do bean bags.

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24 February 2012

Reply from

Thank you for your great comments. We do aim to please. We have a wonderful customer services team who aim to give a personal response to every telephone call and email, it's nice to be appreciated.


Great comparison site to find cheap DVDs.

Title says it all. A great site to find the cheapest DVDs.

Try it!

Pity they don't do games...


Good quality products that work out of the box

I have bought many Solwise homeplug items for myself and my family. It is not often you can pick up a piece of it kit and it just works out of the box but to my surprise my Solwise homeplugs just did.

I have a range of Solwise products in our house providing wired networking. They are fine most of the time. Occasionally one plug drops off the network and has to be reconfigured.

The 3* would have been 5 if it had not been for the fact that my Piggy6 had an issue. After emailing Solwise and following their advice it had an even bigger issue. I arranged to return the item to Solwise for repair. Even though I had contacted Solwise for advice as the device was faulty within the 1st year, because when I returned the device 3 weeks later to them it was 2 weeks over the 1 year warranty they refused to replace the device as it was not repairable. It was a software fault caused by following the advice given whilst still under warranty. Seemed harsh in my book. Solwise agreed to return the device free. Pity this little incident let them down really as generally their products are good and their support has been strong with good technical knowledge and assistance.


Responsive. Fast. Reliable

I have used this company a few times to source kit unavailable anywhere else other than eBay.

Their prices are at least as good as anything you will find on eBay. Their service was ok, replying to my emails had the right amount of detail and was quick enough. The products I ordered were despatched quickly and arrived as expected and to descrption.

The only negative I have is that one of the items I ordered came with a European plug and no uk adaptor. It did not mention in the description this was the case. I had an adaptor do this was not a show stopper.


Great until it breaks

HTC have come from nowhere to be one of the biggest handset makers around. My view is this is largely due to android as before this they made some old school window 6 phones for the likes of orange.

I bought a htc android touch screen smartphone for my son. He loved it. One day the screen stopped responding to touch. The phone was only about 2 months old. I did have insurance but thought it would be covered by warranty. It was. I returned the phone to HTC who acknowledged that the phone was covered under the warranty for the issue it had. Great. HTC then informed me that the cost of the repair, under warranty would be £76. What?! It's covered under the warranty. Yes, they said. But to replace the screen we have to break open the case and to replace the case will cost £76. I tell no lie.

Having pointed out to HTC that the phone actually had clip on covers and I could order bespoke clip on covers directly from HTC for £12. I could not see why I was being asked to pay £76. They eventually agreed to reduce the £76 by £12 to £64 with no explanation on what the £64 charge was for as tgey had agreed the phone was covered for the problem under the warranty.

I eventually asked for the phone to be returned to me at a cost of £12 and claimed on the insurance, which cost a further £25. £37 to get a phone repaired under warranty. Never again.

Just Eat

Just walk

Not quite just-eats problem, but on the rare occasion I ordered through this website the food either does not arrive or is cold by the time it does arrive.

On the last occasion I ordered through just-eat, after 2 hours and many calls to the takeaway I cancelled the order and went to my nearest takeaway. With the journey there and back I had food in 20 minutes.

My advice. Just walk. Don't bother using this service. It's not just-eat that's at fault, merely the process fails.

08 February 2012

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Hello CWS,

I'm sorry to hear that you have had a bad experience when you have used our service. We do have a dedicated customer care team that are hear to assist with any issues you have with your order from it being late to you not being happy with the meal itself.

Should you choose to order through us again & need out help you can contact our customer are team on 0844 243 7777 from 9am to 2am or you can use our free Livechat service between 3pm & 11pm, The Livechat button can be found on the top right hand corner of our website.

Thank you for taking the time to leave your review.

Kind regards,


David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant

Groupon UK

Arrogant company who don't care either way

First thing first, Groupon do appear to have some interesting offers on from time to time. So much so that I purchased items through Groupon.

The Groupon experience at the point of marketing and purchase is pretty slick. Once you buy... Well, it can be torrid.

In November 2011 I used Groupon for the first time. I bought a few things and all seemed well. But then things started to not be delivered.

The companies I bought from all seemed unable to deal with the business that Groupon had generated for them. Delivery dates slipped and slipped and slipped more.

Emailing Groupon customer care was no use, they can take weeks to respond. Emailing the companies I bought from was futile as there was no response at all. A poor experience all round.

The final nail in the coffin was LoveFilm. Groupon had a 3 months unlimited deal for LoveFilm in November 2011. Perfect for over Christmas to stream movies. What could go wrong. No physical product, just a voucher code and sign up. Job done. Well what could go wrong was that Groupon issued a voucher code that had already been used 6 weeks prior to it being issued to me! Groupon refused to issue a new voucher code. It took so long for groupon to try to resolve this the groupon voucher I had been issued expired! This in itself was finally used as an excuse for not being able to issue a new voucher code. Honest I couldn't make it up. Shambles. Of the 6 things I ordered through groupon in November only 2 arrived. 1 was about a week late, the other 3 weeks late. Everything else? I whisling waiting fir refunds which I'm told can take up to 14 working days! Why?!


Marmite? Fantastic for me.

It seems GiffGaff is a marmite type experience. You either love it or hate it. I'm on the love it side.


I have 2 kids and it costs me £20 per month total. For my £20 they get unlimited Internet and unlimited texts. They're happy with that. Very happy. They also get 250 cross network minutes and free giffgaff to giffgaff calls, but they appear to have lost the ability to talk on a phone and hardly use these.

Giffgaff is backed by the O2 mobile network, indeed GiffGaff is owned by O2, so the connection is great.

Personally, I have never had any problems with GiffGaff and am happy to recommend them

LED Lights Zone

Terrible customer experience

I ordered from through Groupon on Nov 15 2011. At the time they were staying 28 days for delivery. After the 28 days had passed I contacted the company to ask where my order was. I talked to Chris at the special Groupon Customer Service number. I was told that LEDLightZone did have stock but that as I was a groupon customer I would have to wait until they got round to shipping my order.

Having stated that I was a customer, regardless of where LEDLightZone gained my business, I was informed that I would recieve my order by the end of the week. I didn't.

I have sent several emails and had no responses. I have talked to several people at LEDLightZone and been made several promises. None have been kept, including a promise to refund my payment.

I paid by PayPal but the delay was so long I am unable to raise a complaint with them.

It is now 28 January 2012. Over 2 and a half months since placing my order. I do not have the items I ordered. I have not had a refund even though I have requested one by email and on the phone.

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20 June 2013

Reply from LED Lights Zone

Dear customer, We are very ashamed and sorry to read you review, however we thank you for your feedback and taking the time to do so. We hope to resolve any issues so please email us at and we can take appropriate action in regards to the missing order/refund. Unfortunately when we ran the promotion we found ourselves exposed by the partner company we were selling with and when we asked them to stop the deal, they did not do so leaving us inundated with orders we did not anticipate and so therefore did not have enough stock. We sincerely apologise for any inconvenience caused.

BCS e.K.

Appears to be a scam

I ordered 2 servers from this website in November 2011.

Before placing my order I contacted BCS Computer by email. R.Sielaff replied to my emails rapidly and ensured me that the items were in stock and they would ship within 3 days of payments clearing.

BEWARE. BCS do not take credit cards. They will only accept cash. They will state they do not have a PayPal account. They do.

BEWARE: once you pay BCS Computer you will find it very difficult to gain any response from this company again. They will happily take your money and run.

They have not refunded my payment. They never shipped. It is now 28 January 2012.

I have contacted BCS Computer many times per week since sending a cash bank transfer to them. I know alarm bells should have rang but the company seems so legitimate and the pre-sales email responses were fast and professional. Don't be taken in. Once you have paid BCS Computer you will struggle to get responses to any email. You will struggle to get your order. You will struggle to get your money back because you paid them cash.

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