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Angel or Devil? Victoria's Secret Revealed!


I've ordered from Victoria's Secret online and made in-store purchases several times over the years. I've even had a VS card. My biggest complaint? The fact that fit and quality can be inconsistent.


I've placed a few orders recently. The 1st was for bikini-style cotton underwear. While they were cute, the material was a bit harsh and the one pair I opted to wear all day stretched out over my butt by the end of the day. I returned the rest at a nearby VS store. That was easy and I did appreciate the option to do so (though it was inconvenient, since ordering online meant no trip to the mall).

The second was for a basic, triangle bikini. The quality? Not so great. No "hugging" of the body. It's as if it's just going to sit there and not mold at all to my curves. And, isn't that was Victoria's Secret helps us accentuate? Our bodies? Making us feel good no matter what? Not what I expected from VS. I also ordered a coordinating top to mix it up.

Admittedly, the top was on clearance and only available in (M). I've got a smallish frame, but this was a bikini top after all. Logic would say it'd work out OK. Uh, not so much. Unfortunately, the straps are too long (yes, I could have them taken in). The cups don't conform at all to my body - even w/padded inserts removed. Sad - it's so cute.


I still love the styles or "look" VS cultivates. What I don't love is the slip in quality and niceties (like spandex, etc.) which used to be built into nearly EVERY piece they sold. The bottom line? If you want to buy anything from VS, go to the store first. Check fit. If it's a clothing item, read the material specs super carefully and know you're taking your chances where fit is concerned.

Lastly, be prepared to return a few things - and good luck!

- cga proved me wrong...

I was skeptical when a client suggested to purchase the liquid mineral and vitamin complex I most love. I wasn't sure - based on price - that the size would be sufficient, that the quality would be good or that these would be what I was used to paying 2x as much for at a local grocery store chain.


They were the EXACT same product I'd been overpaying for locally, they arrived super quickly and now I'm back to purchase (3) more bottles. I feel extremely good recommending SW to others.

NOTE: Why I chose a 4-star rating vs. a 5-star rating...

I only wish there were a few more shipping options which would help me recoup even more dough. But, that's OK. I'm still saving $$$ with - AND getting cool FREE stuff in the process to make up for the s/h cost.

I'm one HAPPY customer. - cga

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I'm a professional freelance writer and former journalist/newspaper editor who's written business reviews for a living. I know what to look for and am a constant source of referrals for friends and family members. A former Mystery Shopping agency exec, I've always been passionate about great products, service and experiences. Happy reading!

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