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Dino PC

Great PC - very poor customer service

I'll start by saying that the PC I ordered was well built, to my exact specification, and I'm absolutely delighted with it....
Unfortunately, I had foolishly ordered peripheral items (a bundle of a surge protector, anti-virus software and an upgraded warranty). On receiving the PC, there was a note to say that the surge protector was out of stock - not a major problem but after nearly 2 weeks, I decided to chase the missing item - very sorry, it should be in early next week was the the end of the next week I received my surge protector - not the compact item with the 2m cable and the enhanced protection as advertised, but a cheap, vastly inferior 1m trailing socket surge protector that I wouldn't trust to protect a desk lamp....
I queried this (pointing out that the one I had paid for was approx £15-20 to buy, whereas the one they had sent could be bought for less than £5). They eventually replied (after I chased them again) and explained that the 'usual one' was out of stock so they'd sent the other (as if that was o.k.) - they then offered me £5 as a 'goodwill gesture'.
I told them this was not acceptable and they then offered to swap the cheap one for a better one - unfortunately the new one wasn't the compact size and cable length I needed (and had ordered!). The alternative they offered was a £13 refund but the loss of my enhanced warranty. I told them that neither option was acceptable - but by then I'd lost the will to live so wasn't going to pursue it any further....
I foolishly thought they may still try to resolve the issue (as the company that "give you more" and that has "Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed"), but I've not heard anything else - I dread to think what will happen if I actually need to claim under the warranty.
As I said in the title - great PC, but (despite the claims on the website) dreadful customer service.......

Mann's Music

Highly Recommended

Excellent - great item, great price, great transaction!

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