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Ended badly but that's normal right?

Vodafone screwed me arround when I left, only telling me I was supposedly not out of contract after I had left!
I ended up having to find a director's email address and email him- funnily enough the problem was then resolved within a day!

All I will say is that all networks seem to mess people arround- O2 were just as bad 2 years ago


Rip Off Prices

You only realise what a total and utter rip off Halfords is when you shop online. They take you for a mug!

The only good service is bulb changing... that's worth the money!


hit & miss staff

We all know they can't employ the brightest staff, it would cost too much, but every now and then you do stumble upon a good member of staff and the prices become well worth the money. Don't ever try and make a return at peak times though, you'll get even angrier!

Just Eat

Tasteful Laziness

Very handy but they could utilise more offers & also not restrict them to 'card only' orders..... the site has huge potential and it hasn't ever let me down

29 January 2012

Reply from

Hello Mark,

I'm pleased you find Just Eat a convenient service. I'd just like to clarify on one point: restaurants are free to accept both cash and card orders through the Just Eat site. Some only choose to accept card orders while some will accept both. There are rare situations where a restaurant might have their ability to accept cash orders restricted temporarily but as a rule, the payment options you see displayed by a restaurant are of their own choice.

If you are signed up to our mailing list and a member or follower of our Twitter and Facebook accounts, you will receive information on promotions such as competitions, discounts and rewards. There will be plenty more offers to come in 2012 so check those pages and your inbox for announcements. Many thanks for your review, I look forward to welcoming you back for your next takeaway order.

Kind regards,

Ruby Smith
Just Eat Social Media



Loveable Ripoff

They couldn't get away with charging any more than they do, but they're the best. Stick to Two for Tuesday and you can't complain too much.

Great prices but unreliable delivery

They have some awesome products and great prices but the delivery is so unpredictable you can never use it for birthdays or christmas!


Generally pretty good

Ebay seem to represent buyers pretty well but when I won a Pioneer TV cheap and the guy refused to let me buy it Ebay couldn't do anything about it....... makes a mockery of the site if you ask me because they didn't even ban the guy, but meh!

Then when I sent a cheap item out and the buyer claimed not to have received it I was forced to refund... but maybe he was genuine I dont know


Rapid delivery and well wrapped

I ordered my facia with rapid delivery (still cheaper than Halfords!) and it arrived spot on. Well Impressed- already ordered something else!

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