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worst service EVER !!!! do not use !!!!!

the delivery service of ASDA is absolutely disgusting and not only will i never use them again... after the way their customer service dealt with me and with the complaint , i will never shop in their store either
Out of the 27 items ordered , just 9 of them were correct , the rest were substituted for totally different flavours !!! I sent the whole delivery back and phone 'customer services' ( a call centre in south africa by the sounds of it ) who said they would look into it and call me back in 2 hours ... this call never came
I then called 'customer services ' the following morning who again said they would get me called back by 10am .... this call never came
I then called them AGAIN to find out if it would be re delivered and they said that a case manger would call me back in two hours
surprisingly this call did happen and the case ,manager would find out if it is being redelivered and call me back .... this call never happened and my son is waiting desperately for the goods so i called them yet again to speak to this case manager and to my utter disbelief they said that they would e mail them and they would call me back in two hours !!!!
This service is a shambles but what is ten times worse is their customer service totally unbelievable and I would warn anyone trying or thinking of trying it .. not to bother . The amount of time i have spent trying to chase this up i could have physically gone to the shop and bought it ten times over
I now have the pleasant job of trying to get a full refund for the whole order as i sent the whole thing back !!!
I am just absolutely flabbergasted that they are not looking to look after potential customers in this economic climate !!! DO NOT ATTEMPT TO USE !!!!!!
Just a follow up on the above .. I have now got so frustrated waiting for calls that never happen , I will order it from one of their competitors (goodbye ASDA) and so I called the so called customer services again to get an address to write in a complaint , as nobody seems to care over the phone , and can not believe that their operative has now told me that she does not have an address OR e mail address


would be no stars if this site allowed it !!!

I have several homecare 100 agreements on different properties with british gas covering all boilers ,
however i have recently had to call them out as a boiler had broken on one of the properties
although i had been paying for this service for 18 months , at the first time of calling them out , they quoted that this particular appliance was not on their service agreement list as it had no Gas Council number.
i telephoned the manufacturer of the boiler who gave me this Gas council number and i then gave this to british Gas.
Every telephone representative that i spoke to assured me that the problem would be sorted , but every time they sent an engineer , he refused to carry out work on the boiler as he could not find this number , and surprisingly the engineers are allowed to refuse to do work at their discretion !!!
I have spoken to 7 different representatives and 3 different managers , three engineers have been sent over the course of a week with no attempt to carry out repairs .
I have now paid for a local gas company to fix this appliance and am going to take legal action against British Gas
I would avoid this company at all costs !!!! use a local company who actually want to help you



If i could give this company a zero star i would but this website will not allow it. This is a warning to anybody thinking of booking with this company , DONT!!!! not unless you want to deal with rude staff , and a company that takes more money from you than quoted , and this was from my 18 year old daughter and her friends.
Message to lowcost holidays .... Do NOT reply to this bad review with your substandard reply as you have on this site to previous bad reviews , as I have already given you the booking reference TEN TIMES and you have assured me that you would clear this matter up but to no avail
I am now in the process of taki g the matter up with trading standards who have already told me that there are already cases pending with this company as what they done to my daughter and her friends was disgusting .
I am also going to try to warn people away from this rip off company on every review site and will continue to do so until i get my issue resolved.
DO NOT USE !!!!!!! DO NOT USE!!!! DO NOT USE!!!!!

31 January 2012

Reply from Lowcostholidays


i have spoken to Miss Burke and this has now been resolved.
i have also emailed the address given at the time of booking.

thank you


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