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Keep fobbing me off!!!!

I have had 2 pairs of vairifocal glasses over the last 6 years with no problems so it stands to reason that i would go for the v/focal again this time. The optician was so fast doing my eye test that i barely had time to tell him which test lenses were "better or worse" when he was testing me. The time came to collect my glasses..... my distance vision in them was non existent and i went back 3 times only to be told they are fine and v/focals take time to get used to, surely i should know if my distance sight is blurry!!! I could not see anything when i was out driving and really thought these glasses were going to make me have an accident. One of the opticians played with the bevel of the lens and it did improve slightly but not much, on my third time back to the shop i asked for the glasses to be done as seperate readers and distance but was told "you dont want to do that, you'll be fine with these in a couple of weeks when your eyes have adjusted" that was 4 months ago. Last week i ordered a pair of distance glasses from glasses direct and when they arrived they were wonderful, I CAN SEE and they only cost me £12.95 ... Bargain!! I have now been back to specsavers and insisted they put just reading lenses in the glasses i bought from them, all they kept telling me was they would rectify the v/focal's for me... NO WAY. As long as my readers are ok when i collect them from SS then that will be the last they see of me. I will NEVER EVER go near them again. I will go to Boots for my eye test and order my glasses online from Glassesdirect.

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