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Appalling service in every respect.

I used myHermes for the first time this month.They took ten days to deliver the item and after unwrapping the very well packaged metal car part,a bootlid,I found that it was very badly damaged.The part had been photographed before being consigned to myHermes and was in an excellent condition.I rally needed this item and had searched long and hard for an example that was the correct colour and in this condition.
It would appear that the item had been dropped quite heavilly, as the corner of the lid was actually bent round and there was a heavy dent,as if it had been struck with a crowbar.
To add insult to injury,I found that I could not contact myHermes through email.Rather,I have had to leave my details with them and wait for them to get back to me.Something which has not yet happened.
I wish I'd known how unprofessional this postal provider was before using them.Looking on the internet,few people have a good word to say about them-although if you read their own customer feedback,you would come to the conclusion that they were superb.
To conclude,I feel like I have been mugged by myHermes, and would avoid them in the future, unless sending 'unbreakable' items like clothing.

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Disgusting behaviour from member of tempcover team

My insurance was provisionally quoted online with tempcover the day before I purchased my car. I obtained a reference number to activate the insurance the next day if the car was OK. The car was fine, so I phoned tempcover from a phone box to obtain my insurance.
In my opinion, the salesman I then talked to behaved disgracefully. After approximately ten minutes repeating all the information I'd supplied the previous day and being asked to listen to the small-print he was required to read, I was running very low on money for the phone, having already spent over £5.00 in small change. I made it clear to the tempcover salesman that I was desperate and running low on money and needed this insurance, and questioned the length of time necessary to activate my insurance. He seemed to relish this. After continuing to the end of the explanation of the small print ,he said my insurance had been declined and chuckled. A friend later purchased the identical insurance on line for me with my reference number, proving that the declining of the insurance had been malicious rather than the result of an underwriter's decision.
In my opinion, this salesman vindictively declined my quote with no good reason, and should not be working in this responsible capacity.

04 June 2013

Reply from Tempcover Ltd

Mr Lane
I am very sorry to hear you were unhappy with the service.
Unfortunately our Head Office is closed today. Please be assured that we will be looking into this thoroughly tomorrow.

We have sent an email to your personal email address, addressing your concerns.
I hope you find our response satisfactory.

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