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Stunning flowers, great comms every step of the way

Ordered 2 lots of flowers from serenata - communication and tracking is fabulous and the flowers absolutely beautiful. My ONLY bug bear is that on both occasions the website has let them down and it's taken a message and 10% discount code to get my order through! Not complaining about the 10% but it's very frustrating to have not been able to order instantly. That said I will use them again and my mum is now using as opposed to M&S...


15 days on and STILL Waiting...no response whatsoever

UPDATE 31st March 2013
Just seen that a "Foneboy" identical product is being on Amazon via "Novatek"... now I wonder what would happen if I ordered via Amazon...?!

UPDATE 10th January 2013
Still no contact from the company or goods received. Paypal have given me a full refund. Ordered an aluminium keyboard off Amazon which arrived within 48 hours and is great! I hate to think this company are scammers and still live in hope that the keyboard will arrive...hate being ripped off!

Kevin & Tim - just seen your comments and can't reply without going via FB which seems to show all my work details on here :0( ... Kevin - yes! If you haven't already done so - good luck with getting your refund!
Oh how I wish I'd seen these reviews before being sucked in by these bargain prices...
I ordered a Samsung Galaxy 10" Keyboard and cover on 14th Dec, paid extra for 1st class postage, knowing full well that Royal Mail still had time to deliver before Christmas (Other goods ordered from a seller on EBay on 21st Dec arrived on 22nd!).

21st - I emailed to check the dispatch date (the suggested method of contact as they'll respond more quickly...HAHA). NOTHING.
24th - I telephoned in the morning - Closed, so I left a message. STILL no response.

Here we are 15 days after my payment date, Christmas having now been and gone and STILL I have not received my goods. I am raging - this was a Christmas gift along with a Samsung Tablet and has ruined the family surprise for my dad.
I'm about to report to Paypal and buy from Amazon or EBay, which is what I should have done in the first place and paid a bit more.


Excellent until there's a problem

I've used P2G several times, never having had a problem. Their prices are good and online customer service has always been excellent.

That said, the last time I used them, my parcel arrived damaged at its end destination. For once I'd taken out the insurance and THOUGHT it wouldn't be too complicated a process to claim. WRONG. I had to jump through hoops - the process is incredibly frustrating. Everything has to be done online with photographic evidence. "Simple" I hear you say and indeed it is my preferred option of doing things, HOWEVER...

Only one photograph per required section was permitted at a time, with a limited explanation as to what it shows - there are 4 sections in total. I then had a painstaking wait to find out whether my evidence for each section had been accepted. When evidence wasn't accepted, there was no thorough explanantion as to why, just something along the lines of "refused, please resubmit".
The timescales for submissions and getting it "right" are tight and with absolutely no human being at P2G to discuss the matter with (unless I dialled 0870 - Err NO thanks), I found the process incredibly frustrating and certainly not customer friendly. You have to keep an eye on the site for updates to your claim, e-mail reminders were inconsistent and timed (in my mind) to gloat and wind me up.
I repsonded to one of these e-mails with every single photo of the damage that I had, explaining that there weren't sufficient fields online. The email was ignored. Every time they refused a submitted photo, it wasn't made clear EXACTLY what they needed from me, nor did they seem to take into account previous photos submitted to tie all of the evidence together despite my asking them to in the comments field.

I had prepeared a very detrimental review to go on here, when amazingly at the midnight hour, my final photograph was accepted. How did I finally get it through? At the end of my tether with them and clueless as to what they wanted, I went onto Photobucket and created a collage of 4 photos showing the damage. Each photo had an explanation of what was in it. This was accepted within hours. The most frustrating part was that all 4 of these photos had been submitted and refused on separate occasions.
The claim went through and a cheque received within 2 days which I was astounded by.

This really was one THE most frustrating experiences of customer service that I have received, which is such a shame because the live chat has always been excellent.

Will I use them again? Not for now. Will I use Yodel again. No. I've since found a cheaper alternative who I will use.

I have no doubt that none of the companies are perfect and think it's one of those where things are great unless something goes wrong.

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