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They do what they say

Paypal acts as a middle man when paying for stuff online. It allows for you to keep your credit/debit card information secret online and just pay with this secure service. I never had to pay them anything except in transferring money to a friend. I use it all the time for every online purchase now.


Hard to believe such a bad company can exist. says it all. There are hundreds of people that get ripped off and scammed by this excuse for a company all the time. We had to go to them because our house doesn't have a wired internet option, so we must go wireless. Clear says they give you unlimited internet, but they don't. My connection seems to be in a bad spot so I get about 3Mb/s when I'm not throttled, and 0.2Mb/s-0.8Mb/s when I am. Now you may be wondering, "throttled? They're unlimited!" Well, after we use some data, and it's unspecified how much data it takes, the tower "manages" our connection. A tech support representative even admitted it. The service drops a good 5 times/day, sometimes for hours as well. Now, if their false advertising isn't bad enough, they also lie to our faces. When we first got the service, we got two modems, one for each of our two computers. They told us that the two modems would have one charge of $35/month. They charged us twice that and charged us over $300 for an early termination fee, all because one of their own lied to us. I'm only still with them because they're cheaper than satellite. Did I mention that of the dozen or so times I called their tech support, every time it's someone from Korea or India that doesn't know what they're talking about? As soon as switching to Verizon becomes practical, we can finally ditch this terrible ISP. We're not the only ones with these problems. Google "' and you can see HUNDREDS of people with experiences like mine.
Also, they aren't satellite, they use cell towers to provide their service.

Edit: For those in or near Las Vegas who need wireless, look up Very similar wireless service, but much much better quality.

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Excellent quality at good prices

I've gotten 2 computers from Cyberpower. One was used bought on another website, and the other was just bought brand spankin' new from their website. It's very easy to configure your custom PC to how you want it, and if you configure the right model, it can be cheaper than building it yourself! The build quality is excellent, too. The components are very visible and nothing is obstructed, allowing for easy upgrading. I highly recommend going with this company for ANY new computer, not just gaming computers, as the great quality of Cyberpower vs. Dell or HP or Gateway is very noticeable.
update: Just got the new computer, and it arrived a day early!


Perfect shopping site for hardware

Their inventory is excellent, easy to find everything with their search tools, and great prices. I've bought memory chips, flash drives, power supplies, and full desktops from Newegg, and everything arrived on time and in perfect working condition. Highly recommended.


They do everything right

They keep everything simple, but easy to use, and it works. Whether it be smartphone OSs, or search engines, or phone services, Google beats all others out there (imo). I've never seen them do anything wrong.

Gaming Dragons (UGK)

Does exactly what they say they do.

Wanted Anno 2070, but didn't want to pay $50 for it, and finding it anywhere cheaper was proving difficult, until I found these guys. The price seemed too good to be true, but after a bit of research I figured I can trust them. Payed through paypal, sent them a pic I took of my driver's licence with my phone, saw a movie, and the code was in my inbox by the time the movie was done! Code worked, and at half the price!

I can't say anything about the download link they sent, as I didn't use it. I got the actual software from a friend that bought a physical copy, and out of respect for him I bought my own key instead of using his info. I needed a key, and that's what they gave me, very quickly and with no hassle.

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