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Terrible after care

Bought a £1700 Samsung LED TV online form Comet at the end of September 2011. Within days of getting it, I would get some spurious streaking and image retention on start-up. This would clear within a few seconds.

By mid-November this had gotten worse to the point where at times the screen would just be full of vertical streaks. Would happen for a few minutes at start-up, then clear then started to happen once warmed up. Would happen maybe one day in four.

I called the Customer Support Line and after explaining the issue was told it was a firmware problem and to update the firmware. They sent me a USB memory stick to do this. That didn't work as the firmware on the TV was actually later than the one on the stick.

Over Xmas and New Year period it got to the point where the screen was constantly full of vertical lines (sound was fine though). I had had enough by this time and asked Customer Support to send an engineer. I had to wait for a couple of weeks for this to happen and he took the TV apart and could easily replicate the fault by lightly touching the "T-CON" board. A replacement board may fix it or it could be the panel was the diagnosis. The part was ordered and was told it would be Tuesday 17th of January 2012 for the part to be fitted. Monday 16th a phone call to say that the part wasn't in yet and they would let us know.

24th January and still hadn't heard anything. Another phone call to be told the part still hadn't come in. We suggested that we had been reasonable up tot his point but we were now getting worried if the TV would ever be fixed. We were told by Linda that if it got to the 31st January then they would simply replace the TV.

So today is the 31st January. Linda called to say that they had the part delivered but they had "lost it or someone has taken it for another job". And we said, "Fine, just replace the TV then". Lind informed us she couldn't do that as they hadn't yet tried replacing the part. Sorry, we said, if you cannot manage your own parts system properly, then we should not be made to suffer because of it. At this point we couldn't agree so we asked for Linda's manager to call us. Here name is Tilly and she still hasn't called.

I'm quite reasonable, but I will not be treated as a fool. The has had problems since we bought it and Comet should repair it or replace it. We have given them a month to try and repair it and they have failed. Therefore, in the first instance I'll be pushing them for an immediate replacement. Failing that, I'll be getting my credit card company involved and let them resolve this one.

Whatever happens, i will never buy anything from Comet ever again. Their after care is poor to say the least.

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