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Great Local Produce

Cheap prices without cheap quality like other big stores. The actual buildings can be run down looking, but Aldi has got it where it counts.


Still the best, but now a little scary

Still has the best results, but their new privacy policy of tracking people everywhere they go on the web is a little too Big Brother. Hopefully someone will challenge them soon.


Great Until They Got Hacked

...and never contacted me. My bank had to notify me, which was not a fun experience. Could have ended worse, but I wish Zappos would have taken this hacking issue a little more seriously.


Great Site In 2003

When people describe someone else as "peaked" just think of how popular MySpace was, and how quickly it died by allowing people to make their own pages look like crap. Great example of not thinking smart, and giving people everything they want without long term planning.


So Easy Even A Caveman Can Use It

Tons of content, easy streaming, upload, download, subscriptions. Ads are annoying, but it's owned by Google so what do you expect? Can have everything for free.


Great Free Product

Would be perfect if they built a good web application (to bypass my company firewall that doesn't let me install new software).


Works, But Very Shady

I used to love Paypal before EBay bought them out. Too high of fees, extremely poor customer service and backwards policy of always siding with buyers even if they're crooked.

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Great Site

Been using Amazon since 1998. Very happy with shipping and return policy. Customers service (if you're unfortunate enough to need it) can be poor, but they're an online company so that's not unusual.

My Prime account recently expired which has actually saved me a LOT of money. I realized I don't compulsively buy anymore, like when I had Prime.


A Trusted Company, Finally

After a decade of frustration with other companies, I finally "discovered" Grainger and couldn't be happier. I used to think they just sold industrial stuff, but they've been able to fulfill almost every business need I've thrown at them. I'll update if they ever fall short (as I've come to expect from all companies) but so far they've been great. Highly recommended, as I've told all my friends.

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Just an old Midwest farm company guy.