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Very quick delivery!!

I ordered some replacement pins for a set of mag pedals I have for my bike.

The pins turned up literally the next day, which was seriously rapid service.

I've not marked them with five stars due to the packaging being very excessive and bulky considering it was merely two packets of tiny screws, which would have fit in a padded envelope, as well as fit through my letter box, rather than two 'big' carboard boxes, which was neither practical or very 'eco friendly'.

However, this quibble aside it was a fast and efficient transaction, and I would certainly recommend them.


Terrible service, and very rude, ignorant staff!!

I placed an order on the 15th February 2012, and after 10 days when I had still not recieved the item I chased it up over the phone.

The guy I spoke to that time, said "it's been despatched today", although why the hell an order made over a week before was only just being despatched was anyones guess.

No appology from this guy, who was very rude.

Over a month later, I had still not recieved my order and so rang again, this time being unfortunate enough to be put through to a rude and ignorant women, who after making some enquiries told me " your order actually hasn't been despatched yet".

No appology or anything, which is astounding considering that this is supposed to be the companies 'customer service'.

When I asked if she knew why my order hadn't been despatched yet she responded " I don't know, it just seems to have been lost in our system", and again.....no appology.

They tell me that my order is to be despatched today, although whether or not it shall be, leaves to be seen.

All in all, I'm really shocked, less so by the 'order being lost in the system', than by the rude, ignorant and completely unapologetic attitude of their staff.

Needless to say I shan't ever be using this company again, and I warn others to do so at their own peril.


Fast, efficient and hassle free service!!

I ordered some running trainers from this company, which were actually a new pair of the Adidas make/model that I had already owned for about a year.

These were actually a make of trainers that were no longer in production, having been 'upgraded' to the next model number, so I was really pleased to find that these guys had them in stock, and they were at a reduced price which was really competitive.

I recieved email updates in reciept of my order, and upon despatch, and three days later my shoes arrived.

All in all a very fast. smooth and efficient transaction, and I can certainly recommend them, and shall be using them again.


Fast, efficient service!!

I ordered a 10kg sack of my feline team's hypoallergenc dry food, following the reading of so many positive reviews of Viovet's service.

The price of my product itself was really impressive, and far cheaper than most other online outlets for the same product, and with the additional 'free delivery' was very reassuring.

I ordered the food on the friday , and on the monday morning I recieved a text informing me that my order had been despatched, and was on the delivery van, complete with parcel number and tracking details.

This was followed on the Tuesday morning with a further 'courtesy text', reaffirming the previous information.

By Tuesday afternoon my product had arrived, as promised resulting in a really fast, efficient and 'stress free' experience.

As such, I can't recommend this company enough, and rest assured I shall be staying with them as my online pet products provider for the forseeable future.


Solid and dependable!!!

Have been using Amazon for years, and with the exception of the odd 'rogue' supplier, that can prove a hassle, they're a very dependable source for internet purchases.
They also use Paypal, which is always a reassuring, familiar and safer option for me, when I see it.



I had an awful experience with this company, incorporating an order that took two weeks to arrive (apparently due to their having to order the cat food in), with an additional 'wrong address' placed on the package when it was finally sent out.
I'd ordered a hypoallergenic cat food, as one of my cats has a skin condition, which meant that when my remaining cat food ran out as a result of having to wait so long, I had the cost of buying smaller bags of food to keep my cats going until it arrived, which I can't get in supermarkets, and is expensive.
Smylee then had the cheek to initially try and charge me with additional expense for having the food delivered on a saturday, which was unbelievable considering it was as a result of their initial incompetence.
I now use Viovet who are fabulous, not to mention, very cheap, customer friendly and efficient.



I ordered a pair of 'puncture resistant' tyres on a Tuesday, as I was due to pick up my new hybrid bike that weekend.
There was allegedly a problem with my card details, and they rang me next day asking for me to give them the corrections.
I did so and they assured me that my tyres would be arriving on the Friday. Saturday came, and still no tyres, and I then saw on my online credit card statement that they had also charged me twice, on two consecutive days, for what were by now, non-existent tyres.
It turned out that they had not only charged me twice, but also sent me two sets of tyres, which were useless by this time, as I had already bought (and recieved) alternative replacements, from another supplier.
I consequently refused the delivery of the two sets of tyres, and have now had one sets price refunded, and awaiting the second refund.
To be fair, the guy I dealt with on the phone seemed nice enough, and was apologetic.
However, I certainly won't be using this supplier again, as the experience has been very frustrating, not to mention costly. I also have absolutely no trust in their competence, which means I don't/wouldn't trust them with my money again.

24 February 2012

Reply from Broadribb Cycles LTD T/A www.discountcyclesdirect.co.uk

We at Discountcyclesdirect.co.uk are very disappointed to find this review, as we feel it is slightly misleading and not entirely representative of the events that occurred.

There was an issue with the payment initially, so we tried to rectify this as soon as possible because we knew that the customer was on a tight deadline. At this point it must be said that there was a mis-communication internally on our part, as we accidentally processed the order twice, and subsequently sent out two sets of these tyres, instead of the one set that was ordered.

When we realised our mistake, we informed the customer to refuse one set of tyres and assured that we would refund him upon their return to us. Unfortunately Royal Mail must have had a back log of parcels as they did not arrive in time for the weekend. As a gesture of goodwill we refunded the customer for one of the sets (without receiving them back), and advised to refuse both sets when they were attempted to be delivered, which they were.

Upon receipt of the two sets, we refunded the remainder immediately, and advised the customer of this refund as well. The only costs that would have been incurred by the customer would have been the cost of a few two minute phone calls.

That being said, once again we apologise for the negative experience received, and since this incident we have put different processes in place to ensure that this situation does not re-occur.

Best regards


Rutland Cycling

Not a great experience!!

Very poor standard of service, and I'm still waiting for my order nine days after I placed it. I guess I'm so used to using more reputable (and known) online suppliers, with efficient deliveries, that to me nine days and counting is just not acceptable.
What makes this even more frustrating , is that having spoken to two seperate members of staff, not one of them has appologised for the fact that my order had not even been shipped until a week after I had ordered it.
A simple, courteous email, explaining that my item was not in stock and subject to order, would have made a big difference, but these guys are not big on communication, which is obviously paramount with online custom.
I agree with another reviewers comments, regarding this companies attitude towards their customers, and their obvious lack of prioritising customer service, communication etc, in the hope of enticing consumers back again.
They're clearly not ar**d if people come back or not.
Needless to say, I shall not be using them again, and I'd advise others to avoid them, and use one of the many, more 'validated' suppliers available on the internet.

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