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Just Kidding Online

Very good service and delivery

I was aware I had left it late to order and receive before Christmas but was not disappointed. I wrote an email to them after placing the order on line to see if there was a chance it would be here before 24th. They said it would be delivered on the 21st and it was!
I would recommend.


How can an accurate account be in violation

Yesterday I reviewed a company and I would swear that everything in it was accurate and I could have added more but refrained. The said company obviously took umbridge because I wasn't saying how wonderful they were . But it is considered to be in violation . How can the truth be a violation !!! I am at a loss to understand

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28 September 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Pam,

Thanks for your feedback.

The review you are refering to have been reported for being in conflict with our review guidelines - either by the company or another user. This can happen for various reasons: If the review is about the product and not the company, if the company needs proof that you are a real customer or another reason described in our review guidelines.

Your review is currently being investigated by one of our community supporters, and you may be contacted via email if they have questions or need proof that you bought something from the company. After the investigation is done, your review will either go back online or it will be removed. While investigating the reviews is temporarily unavailable.

We encourage users and companies to report any review that may be in conflict with our guidelines. Anybody can post on Trustpilot, so it's our way to ensure that the reviews you read are genuine and can be trusted.

I hope this explains what is going on.

Best regards,
Joakim Ditlev

Bride & Groom Direct

So disappointed with customer service

Buying personalised serviettes. When putting in details noticed I had typed in a spelling error pressed return and amended. But did not preview again and although they do not make it clear that you must preview all your purchases I went ahead and paid. Serviettes arrived with spelling error. I tried to review my order but very cleverley for them you cant!!! After much talking with customer service (saying they would call back but not doing it!)I asked if we could agree a 50/50 payment for re-order. The order arrived and this time it was spelt correct but in the wrong colour!! So I waited for yet another delivery and this time all ok. But really not sure I would recommend

27 September 2012

Reply from BRIDE & GROOM™ Direct

Dear Ms Chatters,
Thank you very much for taking the time to review Bride and Groom.
I am very sorry that you have had a problem with your serviette order. I know that you went back through the ordering process to make a change but the website does ask you to check carefully before proceeding with an order. As a failsafe though, we always email customers a copy of their wording after we receive an order so that if there is a problem we can still help and amend the order at that stage.
With regards to the replacement order being received in the wrong colour - this is entirely our fault as the serviettes are printed manually we have to give the colour and this was omitted at the reprint stage so please accept our apologies.
Kind regards,
Ellen Dobson
Customer Service Supervisor

Gardeners World

Poor customer service

Ordered an Amalfi Garden furniture set - The money was immediately taken out of my account. Then they discovered they did not have all the parts in stock and will not be re-ordering the same again. I asked for a refund but they cannot give this to me till up to 10 working days!!! I work in an accounts department and know that for a fact if you take money by card then a refund can be given by card the same day.

I would never recommend a company that holds on to your money -in my case £600 in total) when it is not theirs to keep

The even more frustrating part is that I asked by email first if the item was in stock and they had replied yes!!!!!

27 February 2012

Reply from Gardeners World

Dear Pam,

Thank you for your comments and our apologies for the issues you have experienced when ordering through our site.

Our records show that you enquired about stock and were informed that stock was available, but that the stock was low. The order was then placed a day after this.

Unfortunately the remaining stock had been sold and we could not fulfil your order at this time. At this point we suggested a number of alternatives similar to the product you had ordered, in the case that any were of interest.

Payment for any order is taken as soon as the order is placed, to ensure that the item can be reserved for you, if in stock. In this instance the number of orders we had for this item exceeded the stock available, and not all orders could be fulfilled. This was quickly apparent and we contacted you immediately to inform you of this.

A full refund has been processed for you which should be arriving back in your account shortly, if not already. Please do let us know when this arrives. We do appreciate your comments, as we endeavour to offer the best possible customer service, and your suggestions will be taken on board to help improve this.

We had credited you £25, as a way of apology for your poor experience, to use against any future order with us. Please do not hesitate to get in touch should you wish to discuss any of the above points further, we can always be contacted on the below details.

Kind regards,

The Team at Gardeners World

Telephone: 0845 224 1484

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