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I bought a flight on Tripsta because it was cheaper than elsewhere.

However, I have two issues:

1. The purchasing process is slow and took until the next day to confirm properly.

2. More annoyingly, they did not send me the correct reference number which would allow me to add the flight to my Executive Club account on the BA website.

Quite honestly, this is a bit rubbish. It was cheaper than booking direct with BA, but I might not bother with Tripsta in future.


[update after reading the response from Tripsta]

After reading the response from the company below, my complaints about Tripsta still stand, and my email records show that the comments below are being misinformed.

The first email (the initial flight booking confirmation) was received on the 22 April at 10.39 pm CET. The second email (the e-ticket with Tripsta's own 6 digit booking reference) was not sent until 10.06 am the next day.

Secondly, it is not straightforward to put in an e-ticket number on the BA website - you need the airline's booking number, which was different to the reference which Tripsta gave me. So instead, I had to phone up BA in order to find out the proper booking reference.

Evidently, Tripsta just don't realise that their standard of service is not as good as they think it is. But is is probably ok for most people, just a bit more hassle.

If Tripsta want to contact me about this, then I'm happy to talk to them.

09 May 2013

Reply from

Dear Mr. Scimgeour,

we would like to thank you for your feedback!

Regarding the first point we would like to mention that for both your bookings the booking confirmation as well as the e ticket has been sent to the provided email address within less than an hour.

Further to your second point, the booking code is not transmitted in every case depending on the airline, but we did display the airline´s own reference number on your e tickets. In any case the e ticket number should serve also to add a flight to your Executive Club account.

We would like to once more thank you for your feedback which helps us to continuously improve our services!

Kind regards,
Your tripsta-team


Book at your own risk: Horrible customer service, confirmed and paid hotel got cancelled 9 days before arrival!

We booked a 3-night stay on for New Year holidays (including the new year's eve night). The reservation got confirmed by Agoda and they have charged our credit card and provided a voucher. However, 9 days before our scheduled arrival, we received a call from Agoda saying that our reservation has been relocated to a different hotel. Naturally, we asked Agoda about the details of the new hotel and the room. We were given the name of the new hotel and told that once more information is available (such as room type), someone from Agoda will get back to us. Well, 3 days later, we still had no information from Agoda, so we phoned them. After speaking to some rude man on the phone who was unable to provide any information, we asked if we could speak to a manager instead, and the man just hung up the phone! poor poor services! We then googled the alternative hotel offered by Agoda and found the phone number. We called the hotel ourselves and was only then told that the hotel is actually full for New Year and that we do not have a room there! The manager at the hotel was very nice and sympathetic. He also informed us that Agoda has been notified that there's no room, and yet Agoda still insisted on booking us there!? Now, we were at 4 days before arrival and with no hotel during a high season - thanks to Agoda's poor service! The problem is that they are registered in Thailand, so if anything doesn't work out , you are out of luck as you're not protected by the laws of the US or the UK or any other countries. Best to use a reputable online agent who's based in a western country.

Edge & Wax

Good service and cheap shipping

For a ski shop, shipping prices were unusually reasonable! Good delivery time from UK to Switzerland too.

03 February 2012

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Thank you for your feedback, and positive comments!

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