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Not an enjoyable shopping experience.

I like Maplin. I've bought items from them for many years now - both in person and mail order and I've no doubt that I will continue to do so. However, I find that shopping in store can be a chore to put it mildly.
At the Harrow store, loud music thumps through your head as you scour each shelf trying find that obscure little item you saw in the catalogue or on line. I wonder if this loud 'contemporary' music is intended to portray a less 'geeky' atmosphere or a 'hey we're hip and cool - come on in' type of place. I'm not an old fogey by any means but it doesn't impress me.
Surly assistants look you up and down and seem to be more concerned about would be shoplifters (real or imaginary) than assisting you and seem inconvenienced if you actually ask for some help in finding an item. The music could be turned down a tad. I'm searching for tiny electronic parts not the latest trainers. The staff could be a little bit more friendly and helpful and the items could be more clearly labelled as to where they are.
Pull your socks up Maplin!

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