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The best, most customer focused delivery service in the UK

I have no idea why people are rating this company poorly, maybe you have a "bad egg" driver in your area. I find that DPD's use of technology is superb; I can see where the driver is at any time, and the one hour slot is peerless - who else offers that? Text you in the morning to confirm and allow you to make easy changes to the schedule or delivery if required. Combined with real time updates if it slips (in London, the traffic can make chaos for everyone), I have a couple of parcels every week, bang on time.

For me, as someone who buys a lot of stuff online, I would choose one retailer over another if I knew they used DPD rather than a.n.other (especially Yodel which I consider to be a poor excuse for a delivery firm - I will actively not order from a retailer who fulfills via Yodel.)

Well done DPD.


Top drawer customer service

Bought something via Tesco and something went wrong with the data feed so the wrong product showed up. Cleverboxes put everything right in a very prompt, polite and professional manner. How you deal with mistakes is more important than how you deal with things going right. Well done Cleverboxes team.

Looking4Parking - Airport Parking

Better than most!

Great communication from these guys - no pretending to be mini cab drivers with "he's on the way" followed by more waiting..
Good value too. Recommended.


Click and collect is great

Argos pursued a very sensible strategy for a clicks and bricks business by giving the customer the immediacy of retailing with the convenience of online ordering. Never had any major issues, just wish their stores were a little classier!


Surely the goto ecommerce company

As an early internet user I was always keen to use every possible price comparison tool first before I made a purchase. Over the last few years, I'm not alone in coming to realise it's quicker and easier to just go direct to the amazon site and if they sell it, it's probably no more than 5% more expensive than the cheapest place on the web BUT (and it's a big but for a reason), you know it will arrive, and moreover, if for any reason you have a problem, amazon sort it so quickly and painlessly. That's why they're my goto for most things and they get five stars from me.


One of the worst websites around

Really poor site. Poor navigation, unintuitive, more interested in selling you stuff than giving you any insight. Crashes a lot. A good reason to move to another carrier IMO.


Best price, quick service, decent selection, easy site.

The title says it all really. No problems here. I always say it's more interesting to see what a company does when something goes wrong. This is why Amazon are King of the Hill.

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