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Ann Summers Ltd

Rabbit! Rabbit! Rabbit!

Chas and Dave should get a commission from Ann Summers after advertising one of their best-sellers.

This shop (online and High Street) is excellent. The High Street stores are inviting and not at all intimidating. Some very lovely young ladies will assist you if required and will do so without making you embarrassed.

I have been such a frequent shopper in my local store that my wife jokes that they call me by my first name and that I get invited to staff dos!

So, if you fancy spicing up your love-life, don't be shy, get yourself down to the local store and walk out a happy man . . . or woman!


I can't live without Sky+

What a fantastic thing Sky+ is; it's so simple an idiot can operate it - and I should know!

I recently took on Virgin Media's Tivo (Sky+ for clever people) and I must admit it's GOOD but oh so complicated. I do prefer the simplicity of Sky+ and if Sky+ had three tuners I'd be a happy bunny.

But, it's not just the Sky+/Tivo battle that makes Sky that bit better - it's the Sky Atlantic that give them the edge; it's a fantastic channel and, as long as it remains with Sky, so shall I.

Total Computing

What a load of rubbish!

What a load of rubbish other online retailers are compared to Total Computing. They had the best price, an easy-to-use web site (I don't have any patience for complicated web sites), and the product was speedily delivered.

If you want good, fast, reliable service, you know where to go!

Update: Feb 2014 - I wrote this two years ago. Just used them recently and everything was as I expected. Fast. Efficient. User-friendly.


Bring back the carpet!

Now that M&S have done away with carpeting they've turned all their stores into Littlewoods! If I wanted to shop at Littlewoods (if I could) I would; and now I can - but at M&S prices.

What's the next change for M&S, drop the &S and add atalan?


I'd rather walk!

Why would I rather walk? Two words: Michael and Leary!

This guy has no respect for his customers, all of whom he sees as money-making opportunities. If, as a passenger, you don't mind being herded like cattle, treated like dirt, or milked for every penny you've got, then Ryanair will suit you down to the ground . . . . at which time you will be regaled by a fanfare!


Privacy, my a*se!

I reckon FB is a fantastic way to keep in touch with family and friends, but getting to grips with its ever-changing Privacy options is a pain!

It is hard to keep up with the settings and trying to keep non-friends from seeing your content is like herding cats - nigh impossible!

And now we have Timeline! It is awful and hard to see what is going on and with whom. Almost everything I've done on FB is there, going back to the day I joined; and I'm sure there's content therein I'd rather not have repeated, but I have to read every bit of it to delete the bits I'd like to be rid of; and frankly, I haven't the will to get to grips with yet another 'improvement'.

So, I'll continue trying to remember to mark my comments 'friends' until that new Google thingy entices me away.

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Tivo or not Tivo - That is the question

I was a customer of VM when it was called, Diamond Cable, and that was along while back. I left them (TV only, still kept my broadband and the phone) because Sky offered me a better choice of channels and its excellent, Sky+ facility.

Recently I added VM M+ TV and Tivo - mainly to see how it compared to Sky+; and, I must say, the Tivo is very good (though not as easy to get to grips with as Sky+) and it does a LOT for you.

However, I won't be getting rid of Sky+ for the foreseeable future; VM are having issues (a glance at their support forum http://community.virginmedia.com/t5/TiVo/bd-p/Tivo will show you what and how many issues they have) and I will continue to run them in tandem until such time as one of them out-performs the other.

Mind you, if Sky+ had three tuners instead of its two, I wouldn't be that interested in VM's Tivo. Are you listening, Sky?

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