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Just Eat

Worst customer service ever!

I can't understand how they get away with the advertising campaign which claims they take the hassle out of ordering. For starters, there are over 50 takeawys on the just eat site that deliver to my area (BD14) but they are only available to deliver to BD7 on the site, it is almost the same place, seperated by a small road. Upon notifying just eat they have done...Nothing.

I ordered food from a restaurant that is on the site listed in my area and got no food. I then had to phone the restaurant myself and found out that they don't deliver to my area as they are too far away. Once again, I notified just eat who got back to me 2 days later (Marcus Harris) and told me that he had spoken to the restaurant and they DO deliver to my area and WILL deliver to me.

I then went ahead and tried to order again, and again, no food. My order was accepted and I was sent an email confirming that my order had gone through and my payment taken from my card so I thought everything was ok. Not on your life, 2 hours later, nothing, so I contacted the live support on just eat and spent over half an hour waiting, and waiting, and waiting, only to be told that the restaurant do deliver to most of my area, just not my area. WTF??? You either deliver to BD14 or you don't. I was then told that I wouldn't be getting any food and that my cash would be refunded to me IN 7 DAYS TIME.

As for Marcus who told me that the restaurant would deliver to me, I was told that he hadn't actually bothered to ask the restaurant this only if they deliver to my area and not my address.

All I have had from just eat is a pathetic apology, and I was told that I should have been offered a voucher for my money to order from somewhere else on the night but in this case I wasn't. So to sum it up, I have been left without my order on 2 occasions, I have had money taken from my account to pay for food that I haven't got, and at the time of writing, this still has not been refunded to me.
Just eat have never offered to replace my money with a voucher to use instead and I have been offered no form of compensation for thier foul ups. It was the least they could have done for leaving me with no food on 2 occasions.

No one at Just eat seems to have a clue what is going on, they don't research thier listings properly so you as a customer are unprotected and any mistakes are at your expense.

They are more than happy to take a cut from your takeaway order but want nothing to do with you when your order goes wrong, they charge you the customer 50p everytime you use your card to order which is taken immediately but when they have to put money back onto your card, it takes them 7 working days to do so.

They can't agree on thier actions when something goes wrong. And I was even told at one point to phone the restaurant myself to sort it out. So they collect thier cash for your takeaway but you may as well have just ordered it yourself direct in the first place.

Shocking customer relations, use Hungryhouse instead, they are much more user friendly and will even offer you a takeaway at thier expense should your order be affected by thier own mistakes.

I for one will be forwarding my complaint onto BBC watchdog and try to have the misleading just eat advert removed from your TV screens. Taking the hassle out of ordering food? Adding to it more like.

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09 February 2012

Reply from

Hello Dean

I am sorry to hear that you are unhappy with the service you have received when using Just Eat.

Our aim is to take the hassle out of ordering take away & I am sorry that this hasn't happened in your experience, As you know our system operates on a post code basis & in some cases the post code areas can be very large, If a restaurants delivery area covers part of a post code it is included on the website this, for this reason our adverts do sate that delivery restriction may apply.

I would be grateful if you could email me the details of your orders so I can look into this further, My email address is We are currently working on an improved post code system that utilises the second part of the post code enablement us to offer a more accurate service.

I do sincerely apologise for the inconvenience caused to you.

Kind regards,

David Farrer
Senior Social Media consultant

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Errm, not quite sure what to put in here, I only tried to find out how many other people had kicked in the ghoulies with thier awful customer service, an ended writing my own review on the subject lol