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A better portal...

Yahoo does basically everything Google does without all of the big brother, tracking/spying, political censorship, highbrow BS. Yahoo is my hub for e-mail, messenger, search engine, and groups. The e-mail is great and the privacy policy is not as creepy, intrusive, and restrictive as Google. Unlike Google, the search engine results play it straight, not using what it thinks your preferences are to tailor your results. IMO, Yahoo is a far superior system.


There is no downside to this service...

You choose your products, set your delivery parameters, and you're done. They carry a wide variety of products and their prices are extremely competitive. The week you're set to ship, you receive a notification that you can change if necessary, and a few days later, your order is at your door. This service is wonderful and I wonder why someone didn't think of it sooner. I sure wish I had!

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