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Believe in better??? Not Possible

Have been with sky since my partner and I bought our first place. Whenever there has been an issue it has been dealt with professionally and efficiently with minimum of fuss and inconvenience. Normally being able to sort it over the phone and the prblem being sorted within 30minutes remotely. We have everything through them, TV, Phone and Broadband unlimited and it still works out much cheaper than going through BT or Virgin. The TV is great as well. Especially now we have HD

Well done guys, keep it up


Very good, trains not the cheapest though

Have to say Superbreak is very good! Booking is quick and easy although the new Internet Explorer doesn't seem to like it. But thats not there fault, "cough 'Microsoft' cough".
The only thing I will say is if you use them for train tickets as well they aren't very competitive as going to the operators website. They were quoting £65 for a return trip to Londing 1st class each where as going direct I got the same tickets for £70 for both people. £50 is quite a difference. Other than that they were great

Chillout Games

Best Value for games trading

Went round a lot of sites, and I have to say these guys by far gave the best return. Nearly all the other didn't want to know about my old GameCube games and those that did, didn't give me anything great to write home about. These guys gave me £52 including a bonus if I paid the postage which they provide a link for to Parcel2Go , which basically cost less than the bonus they gave. Well done guys


Great Customer Service

Had a great experience when buying my studio 1556 laptop. Explained to the online person what my budget was and what I should get and he sorted everything out for me and sent me a link. Couldn't ask for better!


Great service - Paypal is a concern for the wasteline!!

Fantastic delivery service, was very surprised to be ablt to use paypal to pay for my order! A little wooried for my wasteline now as they have made it so easy to buy. Good how you can follow your orders progress too. It arrived about a minute after it said it should!! Fantastic


When I want to change my Broadband supplier I'll call you

I am not a customer of Talk Talk and to be honest never will be after there barragre of sales calls at all hours. I am very happy with sky broadband, and I am very annoyed that becuase I was a BT customer Talk Talk think they can ring me up all the time asking if I want to change. At one point I got a call every night for a week and a half and I gaave the same response: When you can match Sky's performance and no download restrictions at all for a better price I'll consider it. Why will I pay twice as much for a service that isn't as fast and has stupid download restrictions??????
Get it sorted, when a person says no they normally mean no.

Cheap prices most of the time, but customer service is rubbish

Was a devout user of until I pre-ordered a game though them. When the game was released it ended up being £20 more expensive than Amazon, Tesco and ASDA etc. When I asked about the pre-order price garuntee (similar to Amazon) I was told this did not qualify as it still being sold at the developer RRP and they cannot gaurantee to match other release offers. Come on guys, i Amazon can do it, surely you can...
Needless to say I have used Amazon since and have no subscribed to Amazon Prime. I wonder how many other customers lost over this sort of issue. I know I won't be going back anytime soon whilst Amazon are doing such a fab job.

John Lewis

Excellent Customer Service

Purchased a brand new Samsung LED TV, found a dead pixel within a couple of weeks. Really annoying. Samsung would not replace the panel and had a week of arguments with them as they said tehy would replace the set but then they said the don't do that and conveniently lost the recorded call. Spoke to john lewis who apparently gave Samsung a bit of an ear bashing and replaced the set off of their own backs. Can't credit them enough for the work they put in on my behalf, as it went on for about 3 weeks before they finally got a result from Samsung


The internet company

Is there anything google don't do now??? There software is great, chrome browser is really fast and very rarely falls over, cough cough Internet Explorer cough cough. Google checkout is really good to. Fast and efficient



Have been using ebay for years but never reviewed them. Fantastic bidding site, you can get some good bargains. Be wary though of over priced delivery charges on cheap products as this normally makes up the additional when a seller puts something up very cheaply. Just use a bit of common sense I guess. Ebay are great when things go wrong though. I have used them when items haven't been sent in the past and their relationship with paypal meant I wasn't left out of pocket!! GreatService



Have been using amazon for a while now with Amazon prime. All I can say is fantasic. Would recommend to anyone and would definitly reccomed the Amazon Prime upgrade


Great service by the Parcel2Go team - Hope the courier can match

Have just used Parcel2Go for the first time and I have to say my first impressions are very good. I have never had to ssend a parcel outside of work before, having a work account meaning I just ring up with a number and someone picks the package up great. However doing it privately I was amazed by all the different options you have. I chose to use the online chat facility and spoke to Emily. She was very professional and after taking the measurments of the parcel I was sending came back with three quotes depending on the speed of service I wanted. I decided to go with the 2 working days option. She then sent me a link to a preset order page with all the package details and courier service setup. All I had to do was put in the collect from post code and the deliver 2 post code and check out. Easy. She also went through how the system worked and advised me of the insurance cover provided and recomened a covered the additional charge as City Link only cover upto £20. for an extra £1.31 I coverd the full package value.
I only hope City Link can match Parcel2Go's service and efficiency as it would be a real shame for City Link to let them down at the last hurdle. I have rated 5 stars as anything from now is at the hands of city link. Well done guys and girls. Top quality!

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