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Great prints, fast delivery, easy to order and a fantastic staff

Started using the print space about a year ago and haven't looked back since. Friendly and knowledgeable staff and the prints always look fantastic!


Very Poor

I just want to let everyone know who is looking into buying microglobe a few things..
I am not trying to put them down in any way, and go ahead do not take my advice but I feel as though it is only right to give this information out there to the people who are looking into buying items from this store.

I have a Nikon d40x and was looking into buying a Sigma 105mm Macro F 2.8 lens today. I popped into the shop on Galen Place in London feeling as though I would prefer to buy the lens in the shop, meet the owner, just in case I had any problems I could bring the lens back to the shop directly, not have to deal with the whole Nikon Company, even though there brillant just would be easier. After entering the shop you could tell that it was an online selling mostly, boxes everywhere, and it had me thinking a little bit. I then asked for the lens and one man behind the counter, totally oblivious to the seen just nodded and walked away looking for it. It took him 10 minutes till he returned and said that there were none left. Even though he searched the computer database saying there were two available. (You can imagine how many boxes and everything all over the place now right..?) So as I waited checking prices at other stores in London on my trusty iPhone a father and son stumbled into the store. They took out the receipt to there bought binoculars. The man behind the desk, (two men that work there) just looked at the recept and said here let me give you the number to the company. Precisly why I came to the store to buy it! Having seen this I feel a little uneasy to buy a lens, and reluctanly they couldn't find it i stumpled out of the shop and around the corner to a few of the others. After talking to a few other shop owners about why there prices to this same lens were higher by £30-40 He told me the following. (Which is the whole reason to the post).. but please read it will help you make a good choice.
He said this company (Microglobe) had no affiliation with any of the companies they sold produc

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