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Bonkers shipping rules

I placed an order for 4 Samsung Tablets during their recent Black Friday deals. I lost out on the order because they do not allow the account to be registered at a business address. It was not clear that they had this bonkers rule and by the time they phoned to say why they had emptied my basket and the deal had ended. I only use my business address for convenience when it comes to shipping. Very disappointing.

John Lewis

Poor service and poor attitude.

I would not bother paying for the express service when buying furniture - not only did it not arrive but their delivery drivers or customer services then lied about an attempted delivery and phone call. Well our CCTV does not lie and the telephone never rang. They could not even re-arrange it on an express service - incredibly poor service and attitude and willingness to resolve the issue.


Be very careful - they use Locauto in Italy and do not keep their word.

I phoned and was told that if I placed a booking it would be with a main car rental company.
I placed an order and received the email confirmation later which showed the rental as being with a company called Locauto.
I had a look online and hundreds of people say they have been ripped off by Locuto this year alone.
I immediately telephoned Rentalcars to complain and cancel. They assured me it was cancelled.
Not only did I not get my deposit refunded but a month later they took the full amount off my Amex card.
I phoned and they apologised but refused to repay the deposit even though they accepted I had been told that it would not be a problem.

In summary - they lie, take your money and place your order with a company they know has an awful reputation for ripping people off. If you cancel they keep your money illegally and just 'shrug' their shoulders like it didn't matter.


Item was not new

I ordered a B@O speaker. It had been re-sealed in the box but had fingerprints and a scratch on the plastics. They then dragged their heels over the return. I would advise using Paypal for your own protection.

City Link

They just tell bare faced lies....

There is probably only one thing worse than waiting in all day for a delivery from City Link...... Working for them.
When you do finally get them on the phone they just read out scripted lies about attempted delivery etc etc. The two times they claimed to have attempted delivery I was at work, we were open and if they really cared they could look at our CCTV to see that the driver was lying when he said he carded our premises and that we were shut. Only there was no driver, no van, no attempt to deliver because the Company is up shits creek with not enough staff, vans, probably not even enough money to pay for diesel etc.
Please do not use them, please tell your suppliers not to use them and hopefully the shoddy liars will disappear !


Good keen prices

Delivery is usually slower than some competitors but it is free. Great prices if you are not in a hurry. Website search needs sorting out as the best price can easily be missed out on.


6 years on and always happy...

Great pricing, great cards and good customer service. Well done.


When is a contract not a contract....

After 5 years you would think they would be happy to keep me and my 4 numbers at work......errr no ! 12 months into a 2 year contract they change it removing my entitlement to a free upgrade after 12 months and expect me to keep paying the monthly amount. They basically said tough and they will sue ME if I break the contract. Despite the fact they already have ! Shame on you O2.


Stop using Home Delivery Network

I like many people have been using Amazon for many years and up until they started using Home Delivery Network I was delighted. Now I cannot trust them at all to deliver my items on time at all. Only 3 of the 26 orders placed in January sent using their Prime service have arrived the next day as specified. Home Delivery use uninsured jobbers in their own cars to deliver goods, and many of them cannot get to us in business hours. I am really saddened that they have ruined a great service.

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