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Honeymoon Disaster

Young out of college, got married, booked my honeymoon with them. I was suggested the wrong resort by the agent - completely unsuitable.

The plane got delayed 12 hours on the way there and 8 hours on the way back. Their plane was faulty for the first delay. You'll find this incredible but they offered nothing to the passengers during this time of waiting.
We arrived to our resort at about 4 am rather than 4pm. On the way there, in the coach, the reps said that we must be at a meeting the next morning at 8am where we will get all the info about what we can do on holiday, otherwise we'll just miss it! I thought they must be joking but no...
During the 10 day holiday we approached them several times to get to do some of the activities advertised. They could not be bothered less to help. Got fobbed off for the first one - and was told that there aren't enough people for the second one. They said tough, treated us with utmost contempt - made us feel sorry for interrupting their relaxing time.

This 'holiday' happened about 6 years ago. I still remember it and will not forget easily... I have never walked within 100yards of their shops again and wouldn't be caught dead on one of their holidays. I'd rather make a bonfire in the back yard and burn the money!

Your Move

Read and beware!

Stay clear of it as much as you can avoid it. Like another reviewer said they care nothing for the tenant, or the home owner, their comfort or convenience. They have their eyes fixed on their own wallet. They will get every little fee out of you and give nothing in return. You are treated as a potential problem from the beginning, regardless if you have 10 years flawless renting record.

If you are thinking of renting using them - STAY WELL CLEAR. Pay more per month rather than go to them - you will live to regret it.

I am not a disgruntled customer because anything bad happened. They simply got on my nerves by their attitude and money making schemes.
(can't give details yet until I'm out of their greedy claws)

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