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Well.,..good company just because they let you upload your shyt to view by others =D


Well you know why..

Where else you can get the stuff u need :P


Few purchases were good, but lately getting out of order

I like CJS, bought many games.
But I bought xbox points on MAY 19th 2012. After 3 days from that they let me know that they were out of stock. And the get the key on 22nd which was a used one. So they try to contact the retailer, they still do, to this day! :/
I asked for a refund, and I get is "OK"..what ok?? (I asked for the refund like 2 weeks ago, so it's not like I asked for it in ASAP)I get my money or what? .I bought like 6-7 titles, so kinda sad it turning out like this, If things go like this I will not recommend this site for others.
Order #78428
@ cjs crew, check my ticket as well..#9699

EDIT - I got a replacement key after this, well should have done this before I guess.
Anyway thanks... Will do more business but will have doubts on MS point keys :/


THE BEST DATA BASE for movies!

You want to know about cast or crew or perhaps a song name in your favorite movie or what's the best movie for you.........
Well this is where to get all the details on about those and more!
In caps, IT IS THE BEST!!!
"enuf said"

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