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Shitty router, call centre in India

I started out with Tiscali (good) who then got taken over by TT, service good at first but downhill all the way since then. First router had dodgy switch, reluctantly but quickly replaced, OK-ish to start with, but broadband steadily got worse & worse, lagging, regular resets required, slow to load, hanging - UGH! And every time I phoned their f***ing call centre, the script was read out & the problem was passed back to me.
I had everything changed - new computer, line from street to house, BT box, cable to router, router to computer, line tested, the bloody lot. In desperation I bought myself a new Netgear router, and I haven't looked back since - obviously that was the problem all the time. They will not allow me early termination (should be allowed by law - f*** you TT) without paying for the rest of my term. When I tried arguing this with a near-impossible-to-understand Indian (poor sod on a pittance), I got told to phone customer services on a UK number, did that & got back to India again.
By this time I was incensed beyond listening to a repeat of the bullshit, so I am stuck with TT for another few months. If I ran my business like this, I would be bankrupt by the end of the first morning, and would probably be floating face down in a murky river somewhere.

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Not a fan of ebay

Everything I've ever bought off ebay has always been slightly substandard - I've found out why someone wanted to sell the item - but not worth the hassle of sending back - door knocker screws missing, radiator valves chrome faulty, carburetter accident damaged but usable, camera good but front of lens slightly dented so can't fit filters ( I was able to repair it), found items cheaper elswhere, can't be a**** to bid, easiest to order on line elsewhere. I no longer ebay.

WD Bathrooms

Helpful & reliable

I've used WDB for several years, only been sold quality items at the best prices, deliveries as & when required, kept informed of delivery ETA, and have not yet received damaged goods. WBD my first choice for ordering bathroom equipment.

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