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I ordered and paid for tyres that they could not get

I rate E-Tyres and have used them exclusively over the last 6 years. Last week they fitted a pair of tyres and the experience was very good. This week I ordered the same tyres again for the rear of the car but after paying for them I received a call stating that they could not get the tyres but could offer me the same tyre from a different manufacturer. Obviously, it was not the same tyre but similar. I went onto the internet and sourced the tyre I wanted and got them delivered next day and fitted by my local garage for less than E-Tyres. It was a little inconvenient but not really in the big scheme of things.
A company the size of E-Tyres should have live stock levels so that they don't offer product that they just don't have. It would avoid negative reviews from loyal customers

Great Price with free delivery - What's not to Like?

Easy to navigate website, great price, pay by paypal, free delivery.

Top Bike Shop

Whilst there is no replacement for a real bike shop for your initial bike purchase it is hard to argue against online bike shops for accessories, parts and tools.
Chain Reaction offer excellent prices, free shipping on all orders and great service.
Stuff usually arrives within a couple of days and usually includes a discount voucher for future purchases.
On the odd occasion my order has been delayed I have been compensated - you can't ask for more than that.
Good website, easy to navigate and the ability to pay with PayPal as well as credit cards makes it difficult to do anything but recommend them.


Poor online shopping experience

A difficult to navigate website means that online shopping at Waitrose is a frusting experience that always ends up with me shopping online at Tesco as the experience is so much simpler and more rewarding


A great way to shop

I abhore food shopping and anything that gets me away from the stress of the packed isles, screaming kids and fat shoppers is to be applauded.
Online shopping with Tesco is a joy, they know what you buy so your basket is full of what you want you just click to decide whether you need it this time around.
It flags up multi buys, discounts, cheaper alternatives and you know what you are soending with a running total so you don't suffer a shock at the checkout.
Delivery at a time to suit and you can opt to have bags or not.
They have all the bases covered.
Only problems is that the other half thinks stuff hasn't been delivered as I tend to buy what I want rather than the basics we need. Hardly Tescos fault.
Oh, and free delivery on all orders or orders over £25 would be appreciated - I'm sure your profit margins could just about cope !

John Lewis

Not the best website

I love JLP shops and the whole experience and ethos of the company but their website and online shopping experience is not a patch on the real thing.
There really is no virtual equivilent to the experience of shopping in their stores.


Excellent place to buy and sell

I use Ebay to declutter and I find myself using it as a first port of call when I want to purchase.
The rating system works very well and the support is there if you do run into problems.
Not for everyone but for a little bit of time an effort you can make a little and potentially save a lot.
A word of warning though - it can be quite addictive.
Highly recommended.


Always dependable

I often overlook Amazon as I forget the vast array of products that they offer - so much more than CDs, DVds and electronics.
Free delivery always arrives sooner than predicted so I never feel the need to pay.
Option to gift wrap items saves sending gifts on.
Easy to navigate website and a feeling of security help make the shopping experience a pleasure.
Highly recommended.

Sigma Sport

Faultless transaction

Easy to navigate website, great price on the item and shipping.
Fast delivery and well packaged.
I can't think of how my experiance could have been bettered.
Highly recommended.

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