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Art Of-brewing

The Cheapest plus RAPID Delivery

I found this company on the rebound from the God-Awful Online Homebrew Company, AKA "Brew It Yourself" (many lost their money as the company went bust, I was lucky). This company soured my trust & I now research online companies thoroughly before buying from them (which is how I came upon "The Art Of Brewing" who have a great reputation already).
This bunch are superb by comparison (the cheapest for the Woodefordes range & free delivery over £50)...


Open to misuse by "Online Homebrew Company"...

I must start by saying that I have been driven to give Trustpilot themselves a one star review ONLY because they allow their system to be manipulated by at least one company in particular....
It is clear that there is a great deal of evidence to suggest that "The Online Homebrew Company" (OHBC) provide a terrible customer experience. I, amongst many other apparently dissatisfied customers, am still waiting for an order 30 days after paying for it, but this company no longer respond to my emails (they have no telephone number either)!
If Trustpilot are in any doubt to the quality of this company, I suggest they check out the various (lengthy) threads concerning them on Martin Lewis's "Money Saving Expert" Forum, in addition to reviews on "Sitejabber" (14 reviews, ALL 1 star out of 5)!!!
I did (eventually) manage to review OHBC on Trustpilot, once the system was changed to accept order numbers (rather than a "validation code" which it does seem possible were handed out by OHBC only to those likely to give good reviews).
I did note before leaving my 1 star review that a long, long. long list of negative reviews had already been removed on the basis of Trustpilot rule "violation". Because of this, I checked up these rules & produced a review that I know 100% did not contravene any of the rules given... No matter, as my review was also removed (for "violation") within 20 minutes of putting it there. furthermore, this actually occurred at around midnight on a Friday evening, meaning that SOMEONE was clearly monitoring for bad reviews & getting them removed for as soon as they appeared. Who else but the OHBC can be doing this? The fact that someone was doing it at such an ungodly hour also implies that someone is pretty desperate)!
How in heavens name can Trustpilot allow this company to bring them into disrepute in this way? The OHBC is clearly riding on the back of Trustpilots reputation & this shambles must be costing them dear. I always had respect for Trustpilot reviews, but now can only take them with a pinch of salt... Trustpilot's reputation is just going down the drain.
I respectfully request that either Trustpilot removes the ability of the OHBC to doctor its reviews, or simply expels this company (and its subsiduaries) from using the Trustpilot service...
Absolutely shocking manipulation... I just wish I could be more positive...
Ironically (and as a direct result of the OHBC's dishonesty & manipulation leading to distrust of Trustpilot), Trustpilot now have a far, far worse review score that of the OHBC themselves!!! This is a real shame as (clearly) Trustpilot are unlikely to play the same game & remove legitimate reviews about their own service! I'm frankly amazed that they are allowing the OHBC to abuse them in this way!!!
Despite believing that Trustpilot are equally victims of the OHBC, I cannot in all conscientiousness give a company like Trustpilot anything but a vote of complete no-confidence when it allows such a complete manipulation of its service. It just makes the "Trust" in "Trustpilot" seem nothing but an empty promise...

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The Online Homebrew Company

The truth or simply my personal opinion (nothing to challenge here)...

It appears that many reviews here have been removed due to some form of Trustpilot rule violation.
I have noted counter-arguments from The Online Homebrew Company to many negative reviews, and although my complaints are quite similar in nature to other reviewers, I will be careful not to provide anything that might lead to this review also being construed as a "violation". I am not suggesting that it is the reviewed company who have flagged up these "violations", I just wish not to be caught up in the same thing and that my review be heard.
I will list only problems with this company that are 100% factual as based on my honest experience. I make all of my other comments as a personal point of view (regardless of whether anything breaches this companies general policies or not). The review simply represents the level of satisfaction I personally feel in my dealing with this company as concerns my order placed on the 19th January 2012.
1) Items out of stock when I payed for them (fact). I believe it would have been fairer of this company's system to either clearly flag up this fact before my payment had been taken, or simply made it not possible to purchase out of stock goods (personal opinion).
2) I am now at day 29, but have still received no order (fact).
3) The company have no telephone number generally available to all customers (fact).
4) My personal opinion is that the email reply system is very poor and does not give you the personal service I expect as a paying customer who has suffered an order delay of over 28 days (just an opinion).
5) Unlike such sellers as Amazon, this company takes your money prior to actual item dispatch (fact).
In conclusion I will simply say this (and this is purely my opinion and I believe I at least have a right to air that): This is just the WORST shopping experience I have ever had the misfortune to come across & I will NEVER shop with these people again.
I would have loved to have been more positive...

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Just the best...

Not only the cheapest for reconditioned, but also the best. My netbook was pretty much as new (I expected the odd small scratch, but the item was perfect in every way).
Booted up straight away, and no problems whatsoever. No manual was provided, but hard to see why you would need one. Came with windows 7 ready installed & a load of free trial software (norton & word etc).
Totally brilliant buy & brilliant service....
PS: Check if the RAM coming with your PC/laptop is optimal before you order, as I didn't & found the provided 1gb of RAM a little slow (no slur on this company, as 1gb of RAM is the usual amount supplied for the model I bought). I have now ordered a 2gb RAM upgrade for £22, but now realise that Gogodigital offer this same upgrade (on the checkout screen during purchase) for just £20 all-in on top of the base price!
This doesnt sound much cheaper, but switching RAM in a netbook is pretty fiddly & time consuming (you basically need to completely disassemble the computer to get to the RAM).
There are a lot of rogues out there, but this outfit is not one of them...

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