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Great site, great ideas, great kit.

I was introduced to this site by a friend, in fact it was the only place I could find that had Crowd sourced "Pad Pivot" for sale, which led me to believe that they know what I want.

I spend an inordinate amount of money on little things that make my mobile life more gadgety and Mobile fun is my new destination.

John Lewis

OK site, great company, great products

Easy enough site to use, I find that only newer products have enough photos to have a proper look at what your buying. For most things it is easy enough to buy from, especially if you know what you are looking for.

The quality of the products that you buy are always great and their returns policy is outstanding. Great customer service.


OK, can cause trouble

Like the service, get a bit worried about them being the only provider of this solution on the web and any alternatives aren't really supported get a bit frustrated at the charges and feeling trapped, but the service is OK and make buying stuff so much easier.


Innovative, compelling, informative & friendly

I like google have done since the early days. Why? Because they constantly strive to improve and innovate, the world has to keep up with them; I love that. Keep it up. Simple to use sites, communicate about change, train you in usage, cloud storage; everything's great.


Awesome site, great content

I have been using IMDB forages.... 5 years or more I forget, but it has always been easy to find what I want and they keep improving all the time; improvements I might add that actually improve my experience of the site. And rare that thing that should be commended.

I have some improvement ideas, but would like to work for them one day so will keep them to myself until the time is right. :-)


To may things going and to many changes

I have pretty much stopped using FB, this used to be quite good but recently they have imposed to many changes and I get of of synch updates all the time. Good for storing pictures, otherwise I don't really use it anymore.


Reliable and quick, easy to use website

I use amazon a lot and I have never had a problem with their services. Quick turn around, good communication and a good range of products and prices - their ipad app is good too.


Great, speedy service but the website is a little clunky.

I use Shopto a lot primarily because the next day delivery is so reliable no matter what time I shop.

My reservations are due to the clunkiness of the user experience; if I didn't know exactly what i was shopping for I am sure it would be worse. Recently they changed the security of the store, which is encouraging but it meant delays to my ordering, there was no early warning - an advance email would have been nice.

Overall good, but not the best experience in the world.

I still shop their a lot though, so they must be doing something right :-)

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