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Avoid at all costs!!! Awful company

I have had nothing but a nightmare when dealing with this store. Without fully going into what could become a three part novel: I had a faulty htc which was still under warrenty. Unwilling to exchange they insisted it needed to be sent for repair, which came back three times still faulty. Many (and i mean MANY) trips back to the store to inquire about progress (as i was never contacted once), and over four months later, the phone came back again, and surprise surprise, still faulty and this time covered in scratches! Needless to say i was fuming by this point, especially as in the meantime i had been lumbered with sub-standard standby phones, which helpfully cut off my network after three days because they were too old for my simcard!
The manager finally arranged a proper exchange and assured me that as i was unable to use the standby phones for any length of time and i had no internet access, that i would be refunded a portion of my monthly bills (£60 was promised). That manager left the company the following week, and, what a surprise, The Carphone Warehouse denies all knowledge of said refund!!! No money was ever received.

Fast forward a year and i lose my phone in a pub, thankfully i have their Geek Squad insurance, who give me a replacement refurbished phone, which naturally was faulty. Exchange please? Oh no, none in stock i'm afraid. Like for like? Oh no, we cant offer you that on our max insurance package...Erm, so what can i do? Oh, send it off for repair....Here we go again....

Despite the revolving door nature of the staff at the Carphone Warehouse they consistently manage to employ people who don't seem to know, care or are willing to help you in any conceivable way. The amount of vacant looks i've got when dealing with issues are beyond counting. Avoid this store, go direct to the network, believe me, the £2 you save a month is just not worth it!

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