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GSF Car Parts

Very good

I've bought items from one of the GSF stores and also recently via their ebay shop, and have always been very happy. Quality car parts, low prices, and good service.

The Online Homebrew Company


At last the TrustPilot "validation code" filter has been removed, allowing ALL customers (rather than just those carefully selected by the Online Homebrew Company) to post reviews.

Undoubtedly some lucky customers do get their goods, and the company submits their order numbers to TrustPilot so they can leave reviews. Thus almost all the reviews are good. However there are many of us who do NOT get our goods, or are owed money, and are simply left to stew with no means of challenging the company or its glowing reviews.

Don't believe me? See the unfiltered reviews and comments at the following sites for a more realistic view of this company:

[links removed]

The Online Homebrew Company has no phone number. E-mails go ignored. Polite attempts to bring the situation to their attention via their forums, Facebook page etc. lead to the "offending" posts being quickly deleted and the posters banned.

Far from the friendly little company portrayed on its website and in their pleasant responses to the handful of negative reviews that slip through the radar, this company is dishonest, fails to deliver the goods, systematically abuses the TrustPilot review system, and actively blocks attempts by dissatisfied customers to communicate. Avoid!

Mark Hill, Mr John Powell, James Mc, David Welch, Mr Band Simon found this review useful

The Online Shopping Company


This review actually applies to this company's subsidary (but it's almost impossible to leave a negative review for that because they filter those reviews).

This firm takes your money and doesn't deliver. If you cancel the order they don't return your money. They have no phone number so the only way to communicate is via e-mails, which they ignore.

Don't take the risk. AVOID THIS COMPANY!!!

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Can TrustPilot be trusted?

I tried to review a particularly awful company ( which has my money and has dreadful reviews on other review sites - yet really good reviews on TrustPilot! But when I try to add my own review I'm blocked by a message saying the company "can only be reviewed with a valid personal review validation code. You must enter a valid personal review validation code to write a review."

I suspect the "good" reviews for that company are either fake or carefully filtered. Why won't TrustPilot allow me to add my review?

UPDATE: Thanks to Hasse from TrustPilot for responding. I've tried using my order code but it still won't let me past their filter, so I've e-mailed TrustPilot customer support in the hope they will assist.

UPDATE2: I've reduced my rating to 1 star because, despite Hasse's reply to my original comment, TrustPilot appear disinterested in cracking down on companies who abuse their verification code system to filter reviews (the trick seems to be to only send codes to carefully selected customers who have received their goods, thus ensuring good reviews; other customers are left unable to review).

Consequently TrustPilot ratings must be taken with a large pinch of salt.

Prove me wrong TrustPilot - give me a code so I can comment on my experiences with !

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14 February 2012

Reply from Trustpilot

Hi Chris

Thank you for your review.

What you have met is one of the options available to our customers; they can set up a "filter" to make sure that only genuine customers can write a review - what you need is most likely your order ID.

The intention is NOT that it can be used to sort out potentially negative reviews.

You are more than welcome to contact us at about this - preferably with a copy of your order confirmation. Then, we will happily look into what the problem is, or help you obtain the information you need.

UPDATE (14 Feb, 2012):

We are very much interested in doing something if companies are misusing any features that are available to them. I apologise for the prolonged time to respond to your email, but both my colleague and I have written you now - hopefully we can get this sorted as soon as possible.

Best regards,
Hasse - Trustpilot Support

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