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Pretty good items, delivery reasonable

I feel Cloggs is a pretty good store. I've used both their store at bullring and online. I always love the selection, prices are usually quite high but I find what I want easily. Delivery can sometimes take a while and customer services not always that interested but they do turn up eventually.

27 September 2012

Reply from Cloggs

Hi Amanda,

Thank you so much for your feedback.
I am however concerned that you have not always received an exemplary service. If you have any problems with delivery or a lack of response from our Customer Services team in the future please contact me directly and I will do my utmost to assist you.
My email address is
Thank you once again for feedback.

Nicola Nash
Cloggs Customer Services Manager.


Quick delivery, reasonable prices

Boots as is consistent as you can get, quick delivery always and prices reasonable. Site is easy to use and navigate and I get the same sense of security that I get when I visit their branches. Will continue to use, especially in the usually seedy word of pharmacy!


Been using for nearly a year and always been great

So I've been using WAE+ for around a year nearly and they've changed a lot in that time. It's been interesting watching the changes as my orders come in. They've added loads more items to their website, drastically improved their phone lines from what they were a few months ago and made the very grateful choice of changing to UPS as the main courier. I would also recommend them as they've always been extremely polite on the phones and vast majority of my 10+ orders have been on time or early - one or two were on backorder but also arrived within a couple of days. When this happened I always received my delivery costs back straight away.
WAE+ prices have been their main selling point since I first stumbled across them and this hasn't changed, no one is as cheap as them except maybe Amazon but even then with delivery WAE+ are usually cheaper.
No hesitation in recommending them, don't believe all the bad reviews. Sure they seem to have some growing pains but one or two not so positive reviews a day doesn't seem that much compared to the hundreds of customers a day they seem to have.


Great gift ideas

I've used prezzy box a couple of times now for different occasions and the gift ideas have always been really useful. Prices are fine for the convenience of it all being under one roof. Would recommend and will continue to use.


Like click and collect

Always good ranges, reasonable prices and great that I can collect my item within an hour or so :)



As everone states HDNL are awful. Them and Yodel are just liars half the time, saying they deliver, or leave cards..they don't.
Amazon no business from me anymore I'm sticking with companies like dabs or wae+ who use UPS!


They've cost me time and money

Bank's have very little to do really. Store my money being one thing and letting me access it another. RBS/Natwest seem incapable of doing that over the last week - Oh I get plenty of apologies but its pretty pointless when the money doesn't show on my account I'm owed and worse still they still manage to charge for all the other elements like interest. Terrible

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Very easy and cheap

I was thoroughly impressed by the range at Matalan recently and their shopping experience was pleasantly easy. They don't force their matalan card on you anymore which is good and the value is splendid.


Poor service

Ordered a tv recently and it tooks 3 weeks to turn up and delivery was £76!!! I could go and get it in the car for that price.
Customer services were fairly helpful but it still took an age to come and no refund on shipping - bah!

13 March 2012

Reply from

Thank you for your review.
I am sorry that the television took so long to deliver. This is not our usual service as our promise is to dispatch within 24/48 hours and the delivery timeframe should be as outlines in our conditions.
I would be happy to review your file to see why there was a delay, and contact you with a suitable solution.
Please do not hesitate to contact me on with your CCL number so that I may investigate and contact you directly.
Kind regards
Pixmania Mediator


Excellent Genius staff

I found their staff extremely helpful in their store in helping me decide which product to buy and not just the biggest one with the biggest memory etc, actual valuable advice.
I can't wait for the 'new ipad/ipad 3' looks amazing.


Big range and helpful

They have a huge range and of the hard to find parts for seemingly common things, like door locks. A little bit pricey but hey you need their expert help and its there, in a multitude of ways, store, catalogue and online etc

Eon Uk

I liked them and now I don't

They said, oh we'll just put you on a £50 a month deal where that's all you pay. Great I said. Then suddenly when I move apartments they charge me £227 more without actually checking the meter reading or asking me for it. Why would it suddenly go up nearly £200 in one month. It didn't and asking customer services to review it was like a head against a brick wall.

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Excellent source of info

All the answers and help you need from generally like minded and decent individuals. Lots of useful information on there, few moody people who are a bit snotty that can put new forum members off but overall very good.



Best customer service, makes some of the big firms look shocking in comparison. They're not the cheapest but they are extremely good and the service and channels and films they offer are unmatched.


Were good at the time but seem to have gone

I ordered off them twice, they always did okay, nothing to write home about. Noticed them in the list on trust pilot and it seems they've gone under, bit of a shame so thought i'd say they were okay for me!


Extremely quick delivery and always good

Dominos always surprise me, if you call up once and then call up again from the same number they say, hello and your name. Always makes me smile. They deliver really, really quickly and you can track the progress of your pizza online. They are a little pricey and I wouldn't really recommend buying unless using one of their deals or vouchers, but considering they are consistently giving them out there seems to be 30 or 40 available at anyone time thats not hard and then you get loads for the money.


Good range

I really liked their selection so gave them a try a few months back, not the best prices but their range of places was good and easy enough to navigate. Place I visited was much like the pictures online and I had a thoroughly good time.


Good but expensive

They offer a good service with plenty of options but their prices are expensive. It is cheaper than going direct to the couriers but there are better alternatives for cheaper. That said they are easy to use and fairly easy to contact. Service was good for the price.


Did most of my xmas shopping with them :)

Tonnes of cool stuff for all the family so I was very happy to find it all, good quick and cheap delivery including customised range. Pretty good prices too.


Friendly and good - NOT ANY MORE

They've improved much since the days of them being <external link removed>. Now they are very smiley and happy to help. Their delivery slots can still be quite long compared to <external link removed> for example giving a one hour delivery slot but they are also cheap so you get what you pay for. No damaged items and always been on time.

EDIT: So they were good and now they are shockingly bad! Last 3 orders I have had coming to me never showed up! They said assumed delivered which to me means assumed lost!


The worst payment processor.

PayPal are the worst and I defy anyone to name a worse one. Their service stinks, the customer support staff are all very friendly but useless. Never believe their 'we'll escalate this'. They don't.
They regularly block accounts and make it extremely difficult to unblock. I totally understand avoiding money laundering and dodgy scammers but I am neither and always keep my account in order. They have regularly blocked several thousand of my cash while they review things - which is stupidly frustrating.

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Just Eat

Always good

The best of all the takeaway online sites.
Easy to use, orders processed very well usually compared to some rivals.
Good range of establishments on there.


Overpriced but a means to an end

You go to maplin when you can't find it anywhere else on the high street, they usually have but they do charge a premium for it and always act rather snooty about helping you. If you have the time search the internet for that cable, adapter, plug etc and I'm sure you'll find it far far cheaper there.


Item and sellers good but ebay themself terrible

Okay. So this is a two sided review, the bulk of the items listed are good quality and well priced so I have no problem with them but then there a load of sites that do the same.
I do have a problem with ebay themself, their customer service is terrible when you report an item not delivered they takes aaages, they also have a habit of suspending accounts willynilly and asking you to prove your identity. Believe me, I'm no dodgy immigrant so its easy to do but so annoying and rude to be honest. Its imposible to call them and their emails they send are so badly worded and mean!


Consistently good

They are far and above the best value of all the providers, their signal strength is fine these days. I have two mobile phones and a mobile dongle with them all on contract for 3 years so I've had a fair chance to test them out. They've always been excellent. Good customer service available all times of the day, it does seem to be in India but the staff are always helpful and speak good english. For the value I can hardly complain, I also have the very latest phones.


Used to use them, always ok but never spectacular

We used staples for several years before changing to our new stationery supplier for our estate agents. I always found them okay, prices are generally pretty high but their range beat most of the competitors and it usually turned up on time. Customer services could be a bit of a hassle at times but satisfactory. Just not as good as some of the new boys in their market.

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