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Very Trustworthy Company

I have used Paypal for a number of years and found them totally trustworthy and secure. Although I have had a couple of small problems
with regards to someone in Europe using my account, they were resolved surprisingly quickly with no loss to me. A change of password helped, and now on their advice I change my password at random intervals.


Current Vodafone Miss-Selling Campaign

I have been with Vodafone for over 10 years and how do they reward this loyalty. By adding 3 Blackberry handsets and associated contracts to my account without my request or permission thus increasing my monthly bill by 200%. When I have complained and tried to get these additional accounts removed they have put every possible obstacle in my way. Typically bouncing me around various departments, keeping me hanging on until my mobile battery ran out. Conveniently loosing one of the handsets when I returned them and still insisting all 3 additional accounts remain on my bill and my bill is paid in full.
So I would warn any Vodafone long term customers to be very suspicious if anyone rings you, congratulates you on your loyalty and offers you a smart phone as a reward. They are out to con you, put the phone down on them straight away.

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