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Worse than bad service

I ordered a wardrobe from Littlewoods, which was to be delivered to my mother in law as I was due to move house and being 7 months pregnant my father in law was going to drop it off at my new address for me. My mother in law waited in all day on the 27th Jan for the delivery and nothing arrived we had been given a time of between 12.30 and 16.30, when I tracked the item it wasnt even loaded onto the van until 14.30 so 2 hours into the delivery time. Nothing materialised. On Sunday the 29th while my mother in law was out Yodel who do not do 2 man deliveries on a weekend posted a calling card (had the driver kept my parcel at his house all weekend). I rang Yodel to re arrange delivery on the 30th Jan and was told it would arrive on the Thursday 2nd Feb I expressed how unhappy I was and asked for a manager to call me back to discuss. No call back and then again the parcel did not arrive on 2nd Feb. I tried to re arrange again only to be told that my mother in law was the only person that could re arrange the delivery of MY item. I decided to call Littlewoods to try and get the matter sorted out. Littlewoods emailed Yodel 3 times and eventually they got a reply and the delivery was re arranged for Tuesday 7th Feb to my new address. So I booked the day of work without pay as I am going on maternity leave. Then Yodel rang me on 6th Feb to say that the parcel would arrive on the 8th Feb when I am back in work I was advised they could not arrange a time for when I was at home. (who is the customer here). After again numerous more phone calls I was told a manager would call me back and yet again here I am on the 7th no call back and when I tracked the item it says delivery has been arranged apparently for the 8th between 7am and 9am what good is that when I will be in work which I had explained. I am a very good customer of littlewoods and will strongly be recommending that they do not use Yodel and if not at least that Yodel never deliver a parcel for me again.
I will be posting my disgust on facebook and I will be contacting Metapack to advise the statement they have on their website about Yodel is completely untrue. I will also be contacting carrier news with this information as I feel that Yodel should not get away with treating people like this.
I get the feeling that this is all a game to Yodel. They get paid for every delivery attempt so how much have they been paid to delivery my item. I know that the item I purchased was £129 but not with all phone calls and days off work it has now cost me closer to £250. (How is this fair and what kind of Customer Service is this)
How is Yodel still trading with so many dis satisfied customers. In this day and age with the economy how it is the customers are keeping your business open.

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