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Good for buying but not pre-orders

I use a lot. I like the reward point system and tend to save my points through out the year and spend them at Christmas (usually get enough for a two/three new games for free using my points). The online site is easy to navigate and use, with the option at check out to use any points you have collected. I have used this company for years but my only issue is that I will not pre-order any games off the web site. They never arrive on time it is actually quicker to buy from else were or go to the store. As always they blame the post but it can not always be the posts fault when I have never ever received a pre-order on time. And of course you have to wait so many days before they will look into it which you do not want you have pre-ordered for a reason!!! They do great offers from time to time although do check other stores first as they are not always the cheapest. If you have to go in store the staff can be a bit unpredictable shall we say and some I know in Wolverhampton tend to talk shop will tell you a load of bull but you walk to the the shop a few doors down (yes we have two on same street) they will handle your enquiry brilliantly and make you wonder what the hell the other shop staff are taking lol. Apart from the pre-orders online and rather unpredictable staff in the Wolverhampton stores the service is great


Good service

I have grocery shopping delivered every 2 weeks and i have no real complaints with this company. I have shopped with Tesco for quite a few years always using their delivery service. I do find their delivery price can be a bit scandalous depending on what day/time you choose and what time of year (ie Christmas also the slots go quick book weeks in advance if you want a Christmas shop and don't expect all your order...I usually go to a store to do my Christmas shop, one year hardly anything I ordered was delivered due to out of stock). Their website is easy to use very simple and straight forward check out. If you want to add to your order or take items off before delivery it is easily done they tell you what time you have until to make amendments. If you have a Tesco clubcard you can register to have all vouchers made to use online as I used to get quite a few you could only use in store which is pointless. You can have alternatives if that item is out of stock you can take a gamble and let them substitute or you have the option to tell them what you would like it substituted with (excellent when buying birthday cakes ^^ ). For extra green points you can have delivered with out bags but I have noticed my shopping seems to be coming with more and more of it in bags. Drivers always have been friendly and courteous and if anything you don't like has arrived you can simply give it to driver and will be refunded back to card. Sometimes bits of order has been missing (once was half my order) but this has been rare and with a phone call the rest of the shopping has been delivered along with some sort of refund for the hassle either on same day or the next if they have been unable to find rest of order. As long as the service stays good and the delivery prices don't get much higher I will continue to use Tesco for grocery shopping :)


Avoid if you expect newish films and variety

My boyfriend tried the free trial on our xbox he cancelled it as the film choice is not large enough, hardly any newish films even the kids selection for our daughter was abysmal. We ended up cancelling it during the trial it is that boring and what really annoys me is they still took their first month payment from his account even when he cancelled during the trail!!!! UNACCEPTABLE
Also when trying to cancel online you have to answer a number of questions and hit the yes cancel my expect it to be done but another page comes up asking if you are click yes...then another page comes up and another and another...why so many pages asking the same question? YES I WANT TO CANCEL JUST CANCEL IT...slightly annoying cancel system to say the least ;)

Monster Pet Supplies

Not impressive

After paying £5.99 for delivery I was disappointed that I was having to chase around my delivery. First class delivery was stated my package was coming by but three days after dispatch my goods had still not arrived. The tracking number giving to myself did not work and Yodel the delivery company could not help as I was not on their systems. Upon phoning the shop the gentleman was very friendly and managed to find my package and promised to get a tracking number sent to me that worked. The tracking number never arrived but my goods did eventually turn up, a week after purchase was made. Due to the delivery service I will not be using the company again as my 5 cats/rabbit/snake need a reliable service as you can imagine this household goes through a lot of cat food so can't afford to have delays!

08 February 2012

Reply from Monster Pet Supplies

Hi Kelly,

Thanks for leaving feedback. We really do listen to our customer's comments - the positive are great and the negative highlight how we can improve, so we're grateful that you've brought this to our attention. I've looked into what happened and unfortunately the delay was due to our courier, Yodel. Whilst this is very rare, we are monitoring them closely and will of course report back the issue with your order. I've put together some treats for your cats, rabbit and snake in the hope of making amends and will get them sent today. We're so sorry that you didn't receive a tracking number and understand that you should not have to wait a week for your order. We're doing everything we can to make sure this doesn't happen again and if there's anything else we can do please call us.

With very best wishes,


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